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    Bleach Episode 262 Discussion

    Bleach Episode #262 has been released in RAW/SUB form. The Episode is entitled "The Tragic Sword Fiend! Haineko Cries! ". Sub version is NOW ready to download!

    Here we will provide you with links for Bleach Sub Episode 262:


    Sub AVI Torrent l Sub AVI Megaupload
    Naruto Shippuuden Direct D/L (Entire AVI Series)

    Bleach Episodes Direct D/L (Entire AVI Series)

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    after watching 6 minutes I felt like, ,
    after watching the entire ep, I felt like
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    I stopped watching around the 5 minute mark
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    I watched to the Bleach 262 picture then skipped to the preview.

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    I'm trying to just bare with it for now.
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    It was a waste of 23 minutes and 3 seconds. Please, please get back to the original storyline already cause this shit is killing me.

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    If they insist on going with these fillers, at least make fillers like the upcoming ep


    Or more fillers like ep 133!!!!!!...which was the most epic filler in bleach filler history...I saw more rape-faces in that ep, then anywhere else


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    Good that I'm not watching this filler.

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    how long are they going to continue with these fillers for?
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