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    i doubt that is true and btw, how is croc supposed to suck the water out of aikanus body? i mean, if magma burns fire, it sure will burn up sand

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    well.. akainu is like half dead after getting hit by white beard and Ivankov. So he is not full strength compared to croc. And Croc could most likely dodge Akainus attacks...
    He also has WB crew helping him out..

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    That's an interesting twist if Law shows up. I didn't think anyone else was gonna show up but then again this is One Piece. But It'll be very interesting to see the Dark Doctor at work, might be what Luffy needs to get out of his trance.

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    EPIC Law is EPIC. And do you know what that means Gypseslice? Pandaman has arrived

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    Makes sense... Didnt they call Law the "Dark Doctor" or something of that nature?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Himura Battousai View Post
    EPIC Law is EPIC. And do you know what that means Gypseslice? Pandaman has arrived
    That. LOL!

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    If this is true, then Law may be luffy's pirate rival like wb was roger's. He'd have law for his ally/pirate rival, coby for his marine rival like garp/roger, and kidd would probably be like shiki and try to get luffy to join him but luffy always declines since he doesnt like the way kidd does things since shakky revealed he attacks innocent bystanders.

    gotta love how oda's unpredictable though. i was just expecting jimbei to break through the ice and swim away with luffy. then again law did tell bepo that they were setting sail after the transmission got cut
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    I cant wait till this weeks chapter!!!
    But how did Law get there??

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    the chapter sounds incredibly wierd... we'll see.

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    I hope Ivankov and Inazuma aren't dead yet, there's enough dead people as it is.
    Oh good to see Law there by the way, atleast 2 of the Supernova's have man-like testicles.
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