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Source: Nja

Sengoku and Blackbeard pirates clash, and Sengoku shoots a shockwave from his hands
In just one hit from Sengoku, Blackbeard pirates start coughing up blood, and it seems Sengoku already has the upper hands.

From what I remember, when the scene changes to Akainu Ivankov and Inazuma were already on the ground... maybe I skipped a page?
Jinbei got in the way to save Luffy, but the two (Iva and Inazuma) blocked Akainu's punch, which penetrated through them.
Akainu complains that if they didn't get in the way, his punch would have reached Jinbei's heart.
Croc shows up, and blows Luffy & Jinbei away with his sandstorm, sending them to Buggy.
It seems it'll be Akainu vs Croc & Whitebeard pirates

Buggy carries Luffy & Jinbei and runs, and a ship that looks like a submarine comes out of the portion of the ocean not yet frozen, and Law appears.

Law says that Luffy will eventually be his enemy, but for now, fate brought them together, and he'll help him.
Law says to hand over the Strawhat, I'm a doctor!

Then ends.