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Well Gaara was said to have been the 'perfect possession' and seemed pretty fused with the Ichibi, it slowly sucking away his soul if he slept and all. But Akatsuki still managed to part it from Gaara, so we cant rely on the fact that the Kyuubi cannot be extracted from Naruto.

The Yin/Yang seperation in the death god is another complication, but one that has not been explained fully, so its hard to say what would happen if anyone tried to remove the Kyuubi.

It would be funny though if all future Kyuubi Jinchiriki's have Naruto stuck in there with the Kyuubi! Keeping the sexy Jutsu alive through many generations.

Back to the thread, I seriously doubt that Naruto will get the Rinnegan. It just does not fit with the story. The sage entrusted the future to his son's and split his attributes apart, and set them to fight it out basically - love Vs Hate, body Vs eye's, etc.

So for Naruto to gain the Rinnegan it would amount to cheating, the Ninja who has never cheated, achieved everything by using his own guts and determination, suddenly cheats and takes the eyes from a fellow student of Jiraiya whom he had just had an enormous connection with?? Going against everything he stands for - i just dont see it happening.
i completely agree the points in bold (since it would't be fair for naruto have all powers )
my idea of this theory is, make the manga's hero naruto compared equal to the sage, so i thought what all can be a power up for naruto.

1. i just made it a point that naruto can be a perfect candidate for rinnegan.

2. and also i wanted to project him a better sage on par with rikudo. since he is already considered to be a point higher than jiraiya on sage training.

3. and also a similar person as jinchuriki like the sage himself


1. moon eye plan

Madara's plan is to gather all the tailed beasts in order to fuse them back into their original form, the Ten-Tailed Beast. He will then become jinchūriki to the Ten-Tails giving him immense power and the ability to project his Mangekyo Sharingan on to the moon. He intends to use the moon, the prison of the Ten-Tail's body, to cover the world in an "Infinite Tsukuyomi".

2. get the rinnegan

he plans to get the rinnegan
->a power up
to conquer the world (lol) which may also includes the controlling of tailed beasts.

thats it DUDE