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    Quote Originally Posted by Propane Tank Hank View Post
    I don't really think Utakata was rendered unconscious by those rockets at all, I imagine the fight was just cut out to not show Pain's powers. If you look at the rubble he's in, in comparison to the other explosions, it isn't near the same at all, so I'm fairly certain he wasn't incapacitated by those rockets.
    i agree, they probably didnt want to show his powers.

    I do find it quite weird that he had so much control over his bijuu though, seeing as he didnt seem to communicate much. He didnt really even seem to like it or have been with it too long. But, maybe it was how his master sealed it in him which allowed greater than normal control.. :-/ Anyway, its a filler, so cant expect too much from this.

    It should be the end of the fillers, though.

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    OK happy its over but i wish the bleach fillers were as short as naruto's are.

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    Well, I don't know about Bleach fillers, but Yukimaruu's arc seemed endless to me...

    They could have taken one of the episodes and replaced it with some more Pain action. I sure hope it wasn't as easy as it seemed to catch the 6 tails...

    It's getting kinda sad how Naruto is talking about Ero sennin. And what about Horaru twirling and humming while she waits... that's just wrong.

    Yeah, was the preview showing where they'll be at next?

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    The preview shows Jiraiya's death being revealed to Naruto, and Naruto's subsequent mourning.

    With regards to Utakata vs. Pain, there's no way they could have animated a legitimate battle without revealing more of Pain's abilities (especially God Realm). That much should have been obvious to anyone current on the manga.

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    Naruto clearly should have realized that he had the 6 tails...

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    The ONLY good thing with this episode was pains badass entrence, wich lasted 5 seconds

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    doing your mom
    pain did not need all six body to beat that weakling


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    Pain is AWESOME

    His scene was EPIIIIIC

    thank God the fillers are over....Cant wait for the upcoming epic fight

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