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    Bleach 395 Discussion / 396 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Calcifer View Post
    Got to be Shinhan for me, He dickrides the mods like there's no tomorrow.

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    Aizen mocking Yamamoto is great. Thank you for protecting my world.
    Aizen is a bastard but you can´t help but like him. He is god after all.

    RJ is sealed for ever!. Yama can never use his flames again. I knew it was not just temporary since it will be stupid from Aizen´s side to do so, and god is not stupid.

    Also FINALLY, Ichigo is back weather he gets smoked or not it doesn't matter at least he's trying and picked a good moment, I wonder if Gin will sniper him though.

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    Bleach 395 Discussion / 396 Predictions

    Started a new thread since first thread didn't have a poll.


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    Hmm....Everyone, mark the date you read this chapter on your calendars. This the day Aizen took his first, undeniably solid hit. Not a bad chapter at all. Yamamoto brought the pain and Ichigo's finally made his move. But, someone tell me why I have a feeling that Ichigo is about to fail lol? Probably because Gin is still standing just off screen with his Sniper Rifle in hand...Um I mean his zanpakuto in hand. Well, I'll certainly be looking forward to the next chapter to see whether Epic Fail, Epic Win, or Epic WTF happens.

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    I assume the other thread will be merged here so I will just type here...

    I always new Yammy would fall to his own power but I always thought he would go Bankai and have a heart attack under the weight of his own reitsu for using his bankai too long.

    Not sure how much damage he did too Aizen but maybe he gave Ichigo a window for a possible win or at least push him back.

    Cant really tell where this is all going but at least we know unohana is stil lalive to revive them ..what ever comes next...

    Was a solid kick ass chapter 5/5 Bleach is getting better ...

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    Nice, least we know Aizen takes damage from point blank level 90 spells.

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    Finally Aizen took some damage, and by Ichigo attacking him we know it's not an illusion. Since Yamaji entered Bleach got better for me, I hope it will continue like this. Let's see what Ichigo can do new, can't wait for the next weeks chapter.


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    Perhaps Gin is the real mastermind behind this. It would seem kind of strange for the true evil guy to receive a blow before his subordinate gets one.
    My eyes are locked on Gin.
    I hope the old man is not dead, no one in the series can replace him as Com. Cap.

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    I have a hard time to judge the chapter. Depends on what comes after it. At least it's not right out terrible.
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