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    Luffy gomu(Roger's...) VS. Blackbeard darkness(Whitebeard's gura)

    Ok, so the theory that's being spun in my head is because of the chapter that just came out...

    Blackbeard showed 2 DF's are possible... SOMEHOW. Because of the blackcloth we all have no idea how it's been done. Obviously it will be something that will need to be figured out.

    Blackbeard is too powerful for Luffy right now, these DF's together confirms that... So luffy will obviously need a power of some kind.

    Here comes a 2nd devilfruit into place... something that either combines well with gomu OR... Roger's old devil fruit.

    I'm guessing Roger's fruit has been lost/hidden for a long time now, and luffy must stumble upon it somehow...

    That would set up a great final fight of luffy vs. blackbeard.

    So... any idea what the DF could be? ... or do you think luffy will somehow be able to beat him without a 2nd devil fruit? Haki alone will not be enough IMO.

    I think with gaining the 2 powers the will of D has something to do with it, not the darkness fruit... otherwise BB wouldn't have kept it hidden under the cloth. interesting developments!
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    wow your theory is.... well full of theories

    we don't know if luffy or any1 aside from BB could consume 2 df
    we don't even know if roger has a df much less finding where it is hidden ( I do support the theory that when a person dies his/her df will go back to it's tree and bear another fruit)

    but i agree with you luffy is nowhere near BB level right now
    I don't want luffy to gain another df( if he can) it won;t be him anymore. I say increase his speed, power, endurance , complete mastery of haki combined with new techniques

    WB is still a beast even without his DF right

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    I can't believe i'm about to say this....but there is a small small small smalll smalllllllllllllllllllll chance that vegapunk might be able to let luffy get 2 fruits. That's if 1) it's even possible 2) he turned out to be on the island where franky got sent hiding in his old lab and is a good guy

    but as things look right now he's a bad guy since he made a kuma army for the WG and BB as far as we can tell is the only one who can do that due to the abnormality of his yami-yami body. Plus WB revealed hat BB was a fake D.

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    now that's an idea. If vegapunk was able to make objects "eat" DF making a df user eat another df is not farfetched. But I do hope/think he can't, an ability unique to one and one person only is what seperate one piece from bleach/naruto. It makes match ups more fun to me. Plus if vegapunk can really do it why there hasn't been one on the side of the marines? akainu (a power hungry bitch) could have gone to vegapunk to eat any df he likes to combine with his... (come to think of it, what does akainus DF called?)

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    Luffy doesn't need a second DF to beat Blackbeard. Blackbeard still has the same weakness that Whitebeard pointed out. Right after he got Whitebeard's powers using the Yami Yami Fruit he still went on about how he's invincible and that he's the strongest man in the world. He's still too confident about his powers, so I imagine he'll fall pretty hard later on.

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    What supports your Theory that Roger had a Devil Fruit?

    Well, I don't really know it's kinda hard to shoot out thoughts right now Oda's soo damn unpredictable ~_~..
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    Anyone else notice how fat Blackbeard is on that one page? I think his weight and lack of inner strength (haki?) will be his downfall. Luffy just needs to learn some new moves and control his haki.

    Surprised WB's crew aren't trying to retrieve his body. Are they just going to leave it standing there?
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    Really, the only way for Luffy to ever beat Blackbeard is by mastering his king's Haki. Devil fruit won't do anything due to the darkness fruit which annul other devil fruit. Luffy has no other option then to train his haki now.

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    Maybe Dragon DF will fit on luffy. Control the weather lol

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    Didn't Oda confirm somewhere Roger wasn't a Devil fruit user? /end theory.

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