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    THIS IS CRAP ...
    BB can use more abilities
    this is starting to look like that bad guy from the serie HEROES stealing everyones abilitie
    i hope it's wrong translated, or i hope that the max off diffrent fruits he can use is limited to 2

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    I thought Oda confirmed that only one DF can use. When read this spoiler I'm surprise how could this happen.

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    well same thing with wat happened against cp9. Some of them had 2 DF users!!!!!

    BUTTTTTTTTTTTT This all comes with a big warning. Ya he can take 2 DF powers in. BUT if he couldnt control them, than then df would engulf BB. He got lucky, If he goes for a 3rd, he would most likely die.

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    who are u saying hd 2 devil fruits? they just said that u will die if u eat two, nothing else

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    not from wat i remember..

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    haven't read the thread yet but...
    i dont think blackbeard has 2 akuma nomi, his somehow preserving whitebeard, and channels his power... could this mean whitebeard is not dead?

    CP9 agents had 2 akuma nomi powers, a mix of paramecia and its possible to eat more than one, but im not sure about eating the same kind of fruit. any links to this info?

    i guess blackholes (absolute darkness) can bend time space, something to do with speed of light and the event horizon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miineur View Post
    2 uber df on the same person?

    WTF!?!?!! FUCKING HAX >_>
    ahahha so true X_X

    i like double read the spoilers....and like wtf??? no way?
    what if he just kills everyone and takes all their powers?

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    if it is real, its still not that important. the marine rank and file may sink in or whatever. admirals, garp, sengoku are still around. BB doesnt have a chance in the end. after all the admirals can use haki to cancel out DF abilities.

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    Credit: Aohige_ap

    pic 1
    Chapter 577: The incident continues to escalate

    pic 2
    Marine A: I don't know what he did... but he stole Whitebeard's power!!!
    Marine B: How is that possible!??
    Marine c: You mean to tell me... the threat of the Gura Gura fruit hasn't ended yet...!!?

    Pirate: I thought it was impossible to gain two Devil Fruit abilities....
    Marco: Yes, a "normal human being" would be completely impossible to do it...
    But as you guys know well, Teach is a little different....!!
    His body structure is... abnormal!! Perhaps this is the result of that...!!!

    Teach: Hey... did you guys see this? ZEHAHAHAHA!!
    Crowd: Are we seeing a nightmare....!?

    Teach: Alright, tell this to the whole world!!
    Stupid island-inhabitants that love peace!!
    Marines!! World Government!!
    And.... pirates!! This world's future has been decided.

    Teach: It's... MY ERA NOW!!

    pic 3
    Akainu: .... hand me over Dragon's son...! Jinbei
    Jinbei: ...I can't do that. I've decided... I will protect this man with my life!
    Akainu: Fine then... I won't ask you again.

    pic 4
    Pirates: Protect Ace's bro!! Ace's family is our own family!!!
    Ivankov: Outta way, Jinbei!! I won't let him touch Strawhat boy!!! Heeeeeell WINK!

    Pic 5

    Credit: Aohige_ap
    Missed pic
    Akainu: When I say "I won't let you get away"... you need to stop giving up living, you fool.
    WB Commander: Akainu!! He's still alive!?
    WB Commander: He melted the ground and came around through it!!

    pd.- thanks so much to isrnick for the advert
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    sorry for my bad english

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    2 df ability

    i hope it's only temporary
    sorry for my bad english

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