Source :AP
Credits : Aohige_AP
Status : Confirmed

104 :んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg [↓] :2010/03/09(火) 20:43:27 ID:SdIao3//0
ジンベエ 死んでも守る~みたいなこといって

マルコが ヤミヤミの実とティーチ自身の体に異常・異例?見たいな事があるから2つ持てたんじ ゃないか

闇のコロモからでてきた白ひげの死体は何も変化していなく 実だけ盗ったっぽいです

Akainu is still well and alive.
He appears from the ground, in front of Jinbei, and says I'll say this just once... leave Strawhat behind.
Jinbei says he'll protect him with his life, and then Ivankov arrives, and Deathwinks Akainu away.

Marco wonders if the abnormality of Yami Yami fruit and Teach himself is what allowed him to have two powers.

Whitebeard's body reappearing from the the Darkness Coating (or Darkness Clothes) seems unaffected, looks like Teach just took the fruit.

209 :んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg [↓] :2010/03/09(火) 20:50:56 ID:SdIao3//0
バギーは泣きながら逃走 ああなったら首もとれやしねえ~なんちゃら~(本音…白ひげ怖く て首 なんてとれな かった><(黒ひげが包んでいる間に逃走)

I think Kizaru was in one panel... and Sengoku
I think they were just staring at Teach while he was having speech and showing off his ability
Aokiji was freezing the sea so the pirates couldn't escape
Buggy was running away crying, saying now I can't even take Whitebeard's head
(but thinking to himself how he was scared of Whitebeard, there's no way he could have gone after his head,
and getting the hell out of there when Blackbeard was absorbing him)
The rest was mostly Blackbeard kicking ass.