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    um.....actually, mayuri's was the first to be shown
    I said first AWESOME, Mayuri's one sucked imho lol (renji's one sucked 2 hahaha)....but then again, my favourite bankai would always be the first awesome regardless which one....unless I would have multiple favourites, right? XD

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    I kinda like Renji's. I like the look of it and his new clothes and stuff. Hes one of the few whose clothes actually change when he goes into Bankai mode. Plus he is the "Baboon King", pretty awesome name to meeeeeee

    I'd like to see him use more attacks though. The huge Shokahou attack is cool but its kinda linear and easy to avoid. Hes gotta get his Bankai to move faster and use the fangs to bite people and poison them.
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