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    How itachi will die

    Who thinks itachi is going to let sasuke kill him? Like what happened with sasori and chiyo?

    Itachi will let sasuke kill him, Sasuke will recognize itachi could of dodged his move but didnt. and then he asks Why didnt u dodge it. and Itachi's Final words will be "foolish lil brother.......Trix are for kids" (ok not the trix part) and then he will flick head. and he will die.

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    Its obvious that Kisame will kill him, duh. Or Tobi...Expect the unexpected

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    Itachi Should Never Die!!!! Not By That Punk Sasuke!!! Sasuke Is Not Worthy....

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    i hope itachi doesn't die cuz if he does then kishi seriously fucked up.


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    The only way I can see Itachi dying is by Tobi's hands. I don't feel Sasuke will ever be able to kill Itachi.
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    I think Itachi will die of staining his sharingan too much while either fighting or defending Sasuke.

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    Naruto What is this madness you speak of?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by 12LetterName View Post
    I think Itachi will die of staining his sharingan too much while either fighting or defending Sasuke.
    Itachi would NEVER defend Sasuke. NEVER!!! Second, Itachi can not be killed by Sasuke. Defeating Orochimaru is no accomplishment since Itachi could have done that without breaking a sweat. Tobi beating Itachi? What is the basis of that thought? His power is not made clear to us and he may be too old. Look what happened to the 3rd Hokage. He got old and lost to that snake fool. Granted the "reptile" was a legendary sannin but... the 3rd was master to almost every known jutsu. If anyone kills Itachi it will be Kakashi, Naruto and/or one of the sannin. Redemption and/or revenge never seems to be the theme to any chapter in this series. People wish for it but who actually saw that dream through? No one to date. NO ONE!!!

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    Why the hell would Kakashi kill Itachi? It's just way off having someone with a obtained sharingan beating someone with full blooded shringan and also having a higher level of power. Why would Itachi never defend Sasuke? He seems to have a greater plan for Sasuke and that is the reason he left him alive, and why can't Sasuke kill Itachi, that seems the be his life goal and I doubt that after all he's been through the author is just going to kill Sasuke, because that's pretty much the only way Sasuke will stop hunting Itachi and it's obvious that only one of the two can survive their fated encounter.

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    lool i hope that the wil put up a good fight while kisame easly fights the three other

    then i think tobi interfears and try to atk sasuke en itachi wil defend his brother and be badly injured en wil explain everthing and sasuke wil go beserk and asks why did you gave up you life for me
    itachi answer: shit my body moved on it's own
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    Itachi won't die. Simple as that. Why? Because I said so....

    In all seriousness though he'll probably die some lame ass death. I don't really want to ponder it any further than that. I'm in denial...he just can't die. T_T

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