I think some big things are happen when naruto uses his fox mode now thats he really going to fight,

Now that the fox won't interfear with naruto's chakra system

Naruto will not need a clone to do a rasengan with the bjuu cloak arms. Well untill he masters it at least.

And therefore once he masters a rasengan without a clone, that means he only needs one clone to do a wind rasengan.

But it deosn't stop there, THE KEY THING IN NARUTO'S growth is doing a one handed rasengan. I have always tried to emphasis the importannce of this in this thread.
Naruto is still using extra arms(chakra arms) to make a rasengan. Sooner or later he will use those arms to make a wind rasengan. And therefore naruto wouldn't need a clone AT ALL for the rasengan or a wind rasengan(in Riko mode for a wind rasengan).

I think at this point the time is right and naruto has to do it.