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    Resource Sharing Thread.

    Essentially this thread is for sharing any resources that might be useful for creating graphics e.g. renders, stocks, c4d renders, wireframes and so on.

    This thread is not exclusively for resources used in sig making. So feel free to share any type of resource.
    You can post your resources in your own thread if you want to, it's just that having a sticky might be helpful (especially for encouraging people to take an interest in graphics).

    If you're uploading a resource that you haven't personally created, please make sure to credit the original uploader and make sure that you comply with the wishes of the creator (Some people require credit to be shown when the resource has been used to create something).
    In the case of resource packs, do not re-distribute them if the original uploader specifically forbade doing so.

    So... get sharing!
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    whoa :-O is this a new thread? there's no other post. :-O share people share! please!

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    I can't wait!

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    here is a pack with a whole lot of light effect,wire frames,etc . i did not create any so many thanks goes out to the creators and enjoy


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    I use a lot. Great stocks and often HQ
    I think it's a French site, has a lot of good renders. I use it quite often.

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    Another good place to get HQ anime stocks is and
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