I've done this before, although that was a very long time ago, and got some very interesting responses from people...

We all know that mechas are damn sexy. So why not add to the sexiness by lathering them up in delicious gravy, or any other sauce of your choice?

Really, this could be a fun way of getting to know all about one another!

The machines don't have to be manned; the key thing is that they are mechanized tools of battle. Lather them up in any sauce, dressing, whatever! Go with what you want, but just keep it PG-13.

Guess I'll start with my original choice:

Personally, I'd lather me up a Devil Gundam in some homemade barbecue sauce. Those well-toned steel muscles would glisten with untold savoriness as the brown sauce drips down ... alright, I'm stopping right there.