After everyone had been seperated...

Zoro - He is shown having landed in the exact same spot Perona was sent to, the ruins of Shikkearu Kingdom, Kuraigana Island, in the Grand Line. He wakes up having been bandaged ridiculously by Perona, wondering where he is. As he awakes, he asked for his swords but Perona refuses to give him his weapons back. However, some measure of trust seems to have grown between them, as Zoro is later seen with his swords at his side and is casually walking through the ruins of the island as Perona floats overhead. He then encounters an unknown swordsman.

I beleive Zoro is sent there to strengthen his swordsmen skills somehow, he will become much stronger and then return back.

Franky - He was sent to a winter island called Karakuri Island. The men who find him comment after Franky performs his Super dance with them, that it is the birthplace of a genius (revealed to be Vegapunk) and that Franky is specifically in the Future Kingdom Barjimoa.

In the current side story, Franky was seen being chased by the cyborg animals, and as of the current chapter, ended up finding Vegapunk's abandoned Laboratory/House.

I beleive Franky will become a better cyborg, much stronger in some way, then return back.

Robin - She landed on an island called Tequila Wolf, in the East Blue, where the enslaved inhabitants have been working on a bridge for the last 700 years. She is also shown having had her hands cuffed, indicating that she has to help build it. Robin asks why the Bridge is being built, and is told she has no need to know that. She later appears to have escaped surveillance with a ring of stolen keys in her mouth, but apparently has yet to leave their domain. As of the current chapter, she and the other slaves were freed by a group of revolutionaries who came to liberate them. It's still unknown if Dragon was involved with the liberation and what happened to her after her liberation.

She will probably learn more about history, and then return back to dragon, she will then return to luffy.

Chopper -
He lands in the Torino Kingdom, in the South Blue, on the Island of treasure, where the natives want to cook him. As seen in the Strawhat separation serial, Chopper is still running for his life from the natives who want to eat him. At some point he managed to hide while the natives were fighting a giant bird.

I dont really understand what will happen to chopper at this island, dont really know how he will gain in anything?? But will sumhow get back to Luffy.

Sanji -
Because of Kuma's power, Sanji has landed on Momoiro Island in Kamabakka Kingdom, where the land is pink and occupied by transvestites (both animals and humans). Sanji was seen running away in horror from a group of pursuing transvestites asking him if he was 'one of them'. They chased him across the beach and through the castle. Later, it appears that somehow the transvestites caught up to Sanji and forced him into being "one of them". Sanji is seen in a frilly dress, a curly wig, high-heeled sandals, and thick make-up frolicking with the transvestites. It is yet to be seen whether he does this against his will.

I have a feeling he was sent to his island for his will against women, he will then be able to face anyone. Then return back to luffy.

Nami - After flying for 3 days, she was revealed to have landed on a small sky island called Weatheria, which coincidentally studies the weather. A local man took her in and cared for her. She was seen crying for her friends and wanted to go home; in order to cheer her up, the local addressed her too many times, then proceeded to show off a special knot that caused wind to blow when pulled. Unamused, Nami took out her frustration on him. Later, the two are seen together as Nami observes the man doing business in Weatheria. The man is then seen showing the other inhabitants of Weatheria and Nami "Weather Science".

I have a good feeling nami will gain much from this place. Learn about all kinds of weather, how to obtain them, control them etc. She will become Much stronger, then return back to Luffy.

Usopp -
After he was sent flying by Bartholomew Kuma, Usopp landed several days later on one of the islands in the Boin Archipelago called Greenstone, the forest of thieves. Before being attacked by an oversized stag-beetle, he was saved by a local named Heracles. After a quick introduction, he was saved again by Heracles from a man-eating plant. He is now the fourth of the Straw Hats to be featured in a cover story and is seen fighting gluttony and "I'll-Die-If-I'm-On-My-Own disease" while hungrily watching Heracles eat ramen. Thanks to that, Usopp has become really fat.

Well, he became fat so dont really know wats going to happen to him. But i was think he will become much more masculine, be able to stand up to people instead of running away cowardly. He might be fat, but might start training and become much stronger, so instead of just sniping he will also be able to fight hand to hand.

Brook -
For three days and three nights, Brook flew through the sky from being pushed by Kuma's attack. On the fourth day, he landed in the country of Harahetternia in Namakura Island. However, the skeleton had landed right in the middle of demon summoning ritual done by some cultists prepared to lose their souls to Satan in exchange for revenge against the Longarm Tribe. Knowing he needed to get back to rest of the crew, Brook ignored the cultists who believed he was the demon they summoned. However, when a frightened girl caught his eye, he asked her to see her panties. Hearing this request, the cultists immediately rushed to pay panties in tribute to Brook in fear that he would return back to the demon realm.This scene is extended in the anime where Brook clearly states that he does not need to see men's underwear, which the cultists in their haste to pay tribute showed him. Brook's only response to this act seems to be stunned in awe.

After being given some panties, Brook witnessed the girl whom he had asked for panties earlier, being kidnapped by some members of the Longarm tribe. To his surprise, he found that the cultists just stood there allowing the atrocity to happen instead of fighting. Instead they asked him to repay his debt of having been given panties. Instead of fighting Brook decided to compose a music composition despite the cultists' pleas and offerings of underwear made by some of the male members.

Well, i have no idea what brook will gain from this island, but it will surely be a big suprise.

I beleive Bartholomew Kuma sent all the strawhats to different places for a specific reason, they will all become stronger in a certain way and then they will all return back to Sabaody Archipelago as a great crew and once gain follow on their journey. And the secret that Kuma might have told Silver Reyleigh might have been exactly that!

I really wonder what oda will be creating for the rest of the crew, im more interested in them right now.

What are your thoughts on this??