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    Ichigo going hollow as a human?

    You think ichigo would have to worry about his hollow trying to take over if he were to stay in his human form?
    I woke up one morning and asked myself this. But I thought I'd get your opinions/insight/etc on it.

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    Hate to be the one to do this.

    To answer your question; I don't think his hollow form would physically take over but it would psychologically pester him.

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    i think now that Ichigo's reiastu is at full power compared to when he went hollow against Ulquiorra, he'll be more powerful and i think he'll sacrifice his soul in order to defeat Aizen and protect Karakura Town.

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    No he's weaker then that, once he and Shirosaki finish thier conversation however he will definitely be much more powerful then he was when he died and his hollow took over.

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