I'm not particularly happy with this merger. Both if it benefits both sodes I wish you two the best of luck and both continue doing great work.

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Since you are potentially joining up with Mangastream to do whatever, I'm just gonna warn you right now about something that myself and at least 6 other people have had happen to them in the past two weeks. While reading manga at Mangastream, our browser's shut down and we were infected with a scam virus called Antivirus Vista 2010.

I was banned at Mangastream forums when I tried to warn them that they had infected manga at their site. Clearly not being a troll and did nothing wrong. Even put it in their help section. So I'm just warning you guys too since you could start working with them. Be careful.

P.S. Not trying to talk trash about their site, but what happened was completely unfair since I was trying to help them. From what I collected, this happened to IE and Mozilla users mostly, but it can still effect any browser. Most protection scans won't even pick this thing up. If you think you may have it, look in your task manager under process and if you see "av.exe", you have it. Just be careful ladies and gentlemen. It's a royal pain to remove and I just got it a second time.
I didn't read all that but its nice to see someone in my home state let alone city read manga.