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    What is the best software to work with videos?

    Hello friends
    i wanted to know what is the best software to work with video, i mean something that company's work with, like photoshop in graphic section. want to start learn on of the video software but not sure which one use for the pro. please let me know if someone know one

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    Hmm.. well if you have the money you can get Sony Vegas, but if you're looking for something that works for free try Windows Movie Maker hope this helps
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    Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere are some programs the professionals use. I used to use Sony Vegas 7.0 and that was pro, now they have Sony Vegas 9.0 I think.
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    it depends on ur OS too... on XP i think Adobe Premiere would do >>

    but if you really want to do it in real time... i prefer MAC for editing... and the software will be.. Final Cut >>>

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    Windows movie maker is good for beginners. Sony Vegas is better than movie maker but if you really want a high quality video with really nice transitions and everything and if you can afford I suggest Adobe Premiere. It's the best with the best quality outcome. Yeah it's been used by many professionals like on TV and movies, etc...

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    Final Cut Pro is the original, and honestly, I still reckon it's the best overall. The only problem is you need to be running Mac OS. With windows, the big 2 are Sony Vega and Adobe Premier. Song Vega has better timeline controls than Premier, but the number of plugins for Premier greatly exceeds that of Vega. Premier CS5 also supports CUDA so you get vga acceleration if you have an nvidia graphics card, and trust me on this, it makes a huge difference, cutting encoding and masking times by a quarter. I use premier now because of this. Oh and premier has intergration with all the other programs in your Creative Suite including fireworks and illustrator.

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