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    Maybe he hid him behind the other oz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Piece View Post
    the only thing im confused about is how did BB and co. get away with hiding this whole time when he has someone as huge as oz in his crew now?
    oz wasnt part of bb crew

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    Spoilers are reporting one of BBs new crew mates is as big as him. I'm assuming that they just arrived which is why they were unseen until now and bb says " I'm glad I arrived in time to see your death".

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    Quote Originally Posted by blindSharingan View Post
    They are more or less confirmed; just waiting on pics. One guy on Mangastream is speculating that the 3 legendary prisoners are these three that Iva mentions.
    That would definitely make sense
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    Well, last week's One Piece spoiler leaks made the news today, and a few regular spoiler providers (such as ohana of Naruto thread) are expressing concerns and possibly laying low for a bit.

    So this could possibly affect the timing of getting pics this and following weeks.
    It was mostly about spoiler leaks getting on large traffic sites like youtube.
    It made headlines on several news media.

    And Yahoo Japan headlines also.

    Shuueisha says they're going to take action and start sending C&D, and that's why some of the spoiler providers are getting worried

    If anyone posts spoilers to youtube, please stop...

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    Quote Originally Posted by demi007 View Post
    If anyone posts spoilers to youtube, please stop...
    They like to take credit for it so they probably won't.

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    So Blackbeard brought the big dawgs with him huh? I can't wait to see what these three legendary pirates look like.

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    I second that

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    Quote Originally Posted by demi007 View Post
    If anyone posts spoilers to youtube, please stop...
    First these youtubers screw Dattebayo over now they wanna screw with our spoiler providers. I wont let them.

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    Regardless of who blackbeard brings or what any marine does, the one whose going to take whitebeards life is buggy the clown. It's what makes the most sense, and in my opinion it'd be epic if one of rogers old crew members takes his life. Now i doubt buggy is going to actually fight whitebeard, I imagine whitebeard saying something along the lines of
    "So you want fame huh? then take it, before the marines do, take my life" It'd be a real shame if the world government is responsible for whitebeards death.

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