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I hope with the week Kubo is taking off the next chapter(s) better be a good ones.
Well why does he need a break anyway?!!!

He was probably on break since the fight between Ichigo and Ulquirra.

Common Kubo while on vacation you can still send your team a mail and give them a script. If U can't I'll do it for u:
-Ichigo standing in shock (5 pages)
- Captains and lieutenants dead on the floor (5 pages)
- Gin telling everyone I told u So (5 pages)
- The remaining of the Vaizard and SS telling them self that there in big shit (5pages)

Note1: make sure that U use the most ink you can since we need to get rid of an old stock

Note2: make sure you don't show up Kensei face since I have no idea what to do with his fight with WW. I hope that the readers forgot about that fight. well they should, it was like 100 chapter ago...