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    Im just seeing how much I can type in this box before the space runs out...hmm this is taki..ah..ohh
    Well the spoilers weren't completly correct. What a boring ass chapter, took me 2 minutes to read.

    Wasted ink...

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    Completely useless chapter, what a waste of time.

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    awesome!!! lol, just kidding
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    I didn't think it was bad.

    Some of us called Kubo revealing what Ichigo was really seeing in this chapter, and it does seem that he was seeing an entirely different thing. This chapter basically confirms that his stupid face last chapter was not because of being outmatched, but because he was surprised at the crazy things the captains were doing to Hinamori. However, he should have spoke up sooner.

    I wonder if Ichigo's yell helped make the captains realize the illusion and snap momentarily out of it, or was it Aizen's choice for the captains to see Hinamori's death?

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    tons and tons of black ink!

    On a lighter least Ichigo can see whats really going on, but too bad he's too busy thinking about exclamation marks, to do anything.

    Thought it was cool that it turned out to be Hinamori that Toshiro stabbed.

    Other then that, its another chapter of Aizen owning extremely powerful captains.
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    i thought it was pretty good...i still dont understand why the captains are acting so rashly, knowing about complete hypnosis....and im not sure why aizen is not targeting hishhigo using everyone....

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    Just a normal Bleach chapter. Nothing special.
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    as i said of course it wasn't over, shame about hinamori getting a beating from all those captains tho, and if ichigo was seeing the real thing that was happening why didn't he say something before the drove a sword thru hinamori's heart or has he seen aizen's shikai too. For all we know the whole battle with the captain's fighting the espadas might have all been an illusion. Man, he just pawned 4 captain class fighters at the same time, even my fav character shunsui and shinji.

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    like all the past chapters i absolutely loved it! captains owned by aizen...only sad part to me is hinamori. she was one of my favs...

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