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    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post
    I totally called this general scenario lol. It's kind of the only way Kubo could have taken it once you think about it. There was no way the people under Aizen's illusion would beat him while the single person who isn't wouldn't have been needed to fight Aizen in the first place.

    Aside from Ichigo not saying anything sooner, which I'll cut him some slack and assume that the sequence of events happened so fast that he didn't have time to say anything and watching Captains own their teammates viciously would leave any bystander dumbfounded like Ichigo, it begs the question...Why was Hinamori up and moving around in the first place? In any case, I liked the chapter lol.
    That was going to be my very next question. Kinda makes me think the Hinamori that Toshiro stabbed is also an illusion, just to make Toshiro do something stupid. I hope thats the case cause Hinamori was wayyy to innocent to get stabed in the heart by her best friend. If it really was her...then way to go Kubo. He just took Aizen to a new level of ruthlessness!
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    bleach is not a waste of ink, try to read the manga once a month and you will surely enjoy it

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    I thought this was actually a very good chapter.

    Last chap's previous team effort was completely worthless, and Aizen proved just what a sick, deprived, badass he is by sticking his former vice captain in his position to take a stab through the heart from her childhood friend.

    That's pretty damn evil.

    Count the fact that Aizen has literally wiped out the entire team in one fatal swipe how can you not like his intense evil allure.

    Their is literally noone left but Yamamoto who could take on Aizen, unless Kubo finally decides to let the teams of Isshin/Ryuuken or Urahara/Yoruichi shine.

    Can we make Aizen the main character please. Ichigo just got mind-raped by watching his comrades skewer one of their own in an intense all-out-attack and must be seriously thinking he has NO chance in hell of beating Aizen.

    Come on Yamajii get off your ass and do something because it could be ages before Isshin or Urahara shows up.

    Anyone who thinks Kubo only favors his protagonists over his antagonists really should read these last few chapters. It's like Aizen is taking revenge for every single hollow/arrancar who was destroyed without any soul reaper casualties.

    If Kubo favored the good guys is was only to make Aizen seem that much more evil when he practically decimated all of them in a span of a few chapters.
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    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    So, Aizen used a last-second switcheroo, or did he make them think they were fighting him while it was Momo the whole time?

    Not a bad chapter, imo. Certainly a welcome twist to the stagnant rag that is the current arc.

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    This chapter feel weird. If Ichigo saw Hinamori there beside Aizen, he would have jumped in and told everyone to stop, not wait, look dumb, watch hinamori get killed, and then shout about it.. I 'm wondering if Kubo know wtf he's doing with his main character now.

    As for Aizen, for his shikai to have any effet on someone, he seem to need to release it and show it to the person. Since he hasnt released his shikai now, Ichigo is not in the complet hypnosis.

    Oh well, Kubo better his manga right for his week off... this is getting ridiculous.

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    It's free guys, stop complaining about something you didn't spend a dime on.
    Now to be fair, the plot is really weak, I'm still curious what captain Yamamoto is doing, enjoying his popcorn perhaps? Or why didn't Ichigo realize his friends were hypnotized and tell them?
    But at the end of the day, the reason we still come back and read this stuff is because it's 2 minutes of fantastic art with characters we enjoy and a story we are at least casually invested in.
    My recommendation for the crybabies: quit reading the manga until it's finished and then read it. That way you'll never have to complain about a slowly moving plot.
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    hitsugaya has always been my fave character but i knew he was always gonna get murked sometime soon but shunsui and shinji come on maynee i know that aizen is meant to be uber strong but shunsui + okarih ijnihs getting mashed as if they were lil kids i'm lost of words, seeing as they got murked so easily i really wanna see how kubo is gonna pull this off i weren't asking for aizen to die or anything just let him get wounded so we know he is still a shinigami and not God after all he could do something and replenish his wounds but nooooooo kubo had to do the inevitable just feel stupid that i thought he'll change lol.... this chapter gets no ratings kmt!

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    Ive been wanting to ask this but I thought the power of Aizen was that once he puts u under his hypnosis that you are always under his control. Its why he made a point to gather all the Lieutenants to watch him use his shikai. I thought it seemed stupid so I kept my mouth shut but this seems fairly accurate

    I am still confused though when the switch happened because obviously Ichigo isnt under the spell since he was the only one who noticed whats going on, but it seems like he randomly switched with Hinamori
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    I will say this now we know why ichigo did not go to help them fight. cuz if he would have he would have seen that it was not aizen. nice plot hole dodge tk and i also thing that TH will blame ichigo for not helping from the start. i see KU and his crew coming to save the day now but i dont see how much help it will be, it all so explains y gin did not help cuz he knew what was going on

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