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    Dude! why does hitsugaya need a whole page to just scream? Its like its a necessity for hitsugaya to have at least one page of just him each chapter.

    Oh yeah! good job on the new thread title POW, I think it suits bleach better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrochiKakaRiya View Post
    wait, wait.... seriously.....can Ichigo not see WTF is goin on?

    I'd atleast yell
    "wait, dont do that"..... or maybe...
    "that's not really Aizen, you guys!!"
    Something, anything besides "!!!"...WTF is that?

    But my interest has been piqued somewhat...who are the 2 mysterious figures?

    EDIT: would be extremely awesome if it's Byakuya and Ken, but it's not unless Myori stayed in HM to gather more test subjects.
    like i always said, if this is true and ichigo saw the same thing, then maybe he is hypnotized after all. we will see

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    Aizen seems to be taking some kind of interest in punishing Shiro. Why go through the effort to teach "him" a lesson when he could have cut him in half by now. He seems to enjoy torturing him using Hinamori.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blindSharingan View Post
    Look at all that black ink.
    what is wrong with all that black ink


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    Looking at the spoilers made me think that Bleach must really be selling well in Japan.
    I simply can't think of another way for Kubo to afford this much ink.

    And yeah we all saw that coming, so no surprises in this chapter.
    I agree with merciless though, it would really be cool if Isshin and Ryuken would show up.
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    Well that was no surprise. Aizen does it again, even though there was a apart of me that thought maybe that was the real him that got stabbed at the end of the last chapter. I wonder who the two figures are, I hope its Byakuya and Kenpachi or is it two vaste lorde.

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    I wanna see some Vasto lordes dammit
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    What is Yamamoto doing? Do shinigami get arthritis?

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    Illusion... told you all so

    His illusion ability is too hacked :|

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth Operator View Post
    What is Yamamoto doing? Do shinigami get arthritis?
    He probably chills out with Gin, they seem to have some kind of a connection since they both do not like to open their eyes.

    For the "mysterious guys" I'd say it's either Kisuke & Yoruichi, Kenpachi & Byakuya or Ryuken & Isshin. I doubt that we'll get to see Vasto Lords there is actually no reason for them to be there, Aizen is able to kill every Shinigami anyway and with Gin he has also got a good sniper backing him up.

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