So, it's been a while. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl have been on the shelves for almost 3 years now. They introduced brand new Pokemon and new features, the most important being the usage of the WiFi capabilities that the Nintendo DS provided. I'm sure, however, that we all feel that the series now has to move on, and that seems to be what the creators of Pokemon are thinking too.

The Pokemon Company has mentioned that a completely new generation is on its way, due to arrive later this year in Japan. The famous RPG series that can only be Pokemon is going to have a 5th generation, complete with new features and new Pokemon. So far, The Pokemon Company has confirmed that it will in fact be for the Nintendo DS. What will this turn out to be? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for updates!

Source: FriendCodes
Wow There Milking this all out

There should Change there CatchPhrase to "Never Catch Them All"