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    I'd laugh if that wasn't even Aizen, since he has not used is shikai yet. Ichigo would realize if it were an illusion though, but what if Aizen modified someone hollow to look like him. Kind of a final test before working on himself?

    Anyways, Shinji's mistake was already showing Aizen his shikai. The Captains mistakes were not all attacking him at once. They've been slowly increasing their numbers with the stronger ones attacking in the later waves. But Aizen is still managing against the groups. There should have been an all out Bankai-fest with a bit of Hollowification thrown in where applicable.

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    if it isnt aizen,u could say all other captains suck
    so ill go with it and say it was aizen,
    but not his end

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    id be a bit pissed if it was an illusion.. id rather just have him hurt a little bit. Although, if it was an illusion, it might be cool to see what actually happened through ichigos eyes.. but its just prolonging this arc. :-/

    Why was gin just watching there? that also makes it look like aizen will be fine, even more than already.

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    if it turns out this isn't an illusion at all... then it's bankai time for aizen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post
    It almost makes me sad when the next weeks chapter comes out, it's revealed that no one actually landed a solid hit on Aizen. And considering that Ichigo is the only one not caught under Aizen's illusion, he's the only person who really saw what just happened. Still a pretty good chapter. Even though it's probably an illusion, seeing Aizen make the 'I'm screwed' face was still worth it.
    This was my concern as well and the lamest possible outcome but I had an alternative idea that maybe Aizen really did take damage but will use his hollow powers to heal.

    This would make things more realistic to me because I'm so sick of this perfect untouchable villain thing as its bordering on the ridiculous side that one guy can take on every captain without breaking a sweat.

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    good chapter good to see aizen sweat but i doubt it was an illusion cos he seemed heated but lets see what will happen cos it definitely aint over

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    It's obvious, Gin's secretly the mastermind behind everything and he's going to kill everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    of course it's not the end. And is it just me or was ichigo's stance and look kinda retarded in the bottom panel on page 2, looks like he is about to s**t in his bankai pants,haha
    LOL was thinking that too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    of course it's not the end. And is it just me or was ichigo's stance and look kinda retarded in the bottom panel on page 2, looks like he is about to s**t in his bankai pants,haha

    Could be he was being Surprised by the results of Aizen's Shikai. I mean wouldn't you be stunned to see Captains attacking Thin Air, and getting Mowed down like Grass?

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    Hmm is it me or has ichigo not moved ever since he came to this place even though the second captain and wolf captain told him to start fight a few chapters back...I bet he is "analyzing" the battle until everyone dies and he'll have a long 1 on 1 battle with aizen...Which i really dont wanna see. I'd rather what is happening now. Ichigo better get into the battle after Aizen releases some Hollow powers.

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