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    It's much more fun watching filler when you have already read the manga tho, this way you don't know what happens.

    And yeah i feel you, they could catch up with the manga in like 10 episodes at the pace it's going.

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    Ok episode. Sode no whatever totally sucks up to Rukia, why does Ichigo Suck up to his Zanpaktoe?

    And Lol @ the size difference of Rukia and Renji.

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    I would rather be watching ichigo vs ui but as Afro said we would just get more fillers in like 15-20 eps.


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    Have to see where this is going for me to like it. But that one Sword Fiend was like wolverine and a beyblade put together.
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    Its a good thing that the filler arc seems to be continuing the way it is now. I'm glad they did'nt come up with a totally new arc. And have restricted this to a mere 10 episode arc(gotta wait for 10 more weeks *sighs*). This filler looks more like the end to the previous arc, which makes more sense. And the episode was humorous at some points with sode no and senbonzakura planning of a sake party to call the newly found 'sword fiends'. But still, beating zampakutoh at their Bankai level is gonna be tough. I hope this arc is small and full of action. Waitin eagerly for the next episode

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