Ok guys, I know we have disussed Aizen alot but we now have a discription of his power that is beyond what we already knew. From things that have been said about Aizen in the Manga, IF they are all true, we now know that

According to Gin (this is what he basically said), take any possible seemingly unimaginable destruction that you can think of and Aizens power is still far.., far beyond that. Basically ALL (according to Gin) of Aizens current powers are far, far beyond truely unimaginable.

So many people thought that all Aizen had was his illusions (the Koga vs Aizen threads are just laughable lol), Gin basically said yeah his zan is nice but its nothing compared to the rest.

Even forgetting these other powers, he has the most powerful canon zanpakuto (I'd say about even with Muramasa, thats why I say Canon). Just to see it once, keeps you under the illusion forever basically. Just using his zan's SHIKAI powers, according to a senior captain, he already had the ENTIRE Gotei 13 and the Vizards beaten. This man still has a bankai that should be even more hax

Defensively, he has stopped ichigo's bankai with his finger, and he had a defensive kido set in place pre battle, that blocked the weakest spot, the back of his neck, from Ichigo's bankai getsuga tensho.

He also has such speed that an ichigo who had just ran circles around Byakuya (1 of the absolute best at shunpo), was sliced by him so fast that Ichigo didn't even notice him almost slice him in half. Even more impressive, he was able to easily shunpo (or sonido whatever) right infront of a fully powered refreshed Vizard Bankai enhanced Ichigo before he could do anything, touch his chest where his heart is, and move away before ichigo could even react to it.

One question. Ichigo beating Aizen before seemed unrealistic, but we said we guess it can eventually be pulled of with more powerups from Ichigo. With this new information, how in the world will it EVER seem even remotely realistic for them to beat Aizen, especially with Ichigo giving a finishing blow?

The only thing that would seem realistic no would be the Soul King being crazy powerful (as I'm sure he is) and killing Aizen himself.