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    Cracker was able to cut through Luffy's Gear 4th haki! I don't how Luffy is gonna be able to take on Big Mom if he's struggling with one of her underlings.

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    It's unrealistic for Luffy a pirate with only about 3 years experience be able to beat a Yonkou head on. He obviously needs help to take down Big mom or Kaidou. Funny enough, Luffy has barely "legit" wins on his resume and his first Yonkou would be the same.

    As expected Cracker is still up. Luffy right now is still at commander level so he won't one shot any foe at Cracker's level. To be honest his 4th gear doesn't pack that much of a punch. An injured Doffy took like 3 solid shots from Luffy before he got knock out. What's impressive is his speed. Doffy couldn't even react to them. I still expect Luffy to beat Cracker because of this. Luffy just needs an opening. At this point I still think Doffy>Cracker.

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