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    Final Thoughts Everyone/anyone

    Please post and discuss your final thoughts.

    Recently (past month or two), I finally got my Wifey interested in Naruto, and we have been ripping through the Anime like a Tsunami on steroids. Janice has finally become a surprising fan of the series, and watching Naruto Shippuden together has become the high point of our evening after dinner together before bed time.

    Were there plotlines left unexplained for instance? For me, I keep asking myself whether Naruto's goal of becoming the greatest Hokage has materialized or not. Yes he became Hokage, but I haven't seen anything he's done as the Hokage that has been truly note worthy unlike Hashirama who actually created the Village concept.

    Yeah, Naruto is stronger than all the past Kages, but he is also still dumber, and he now seems to have lost his edge since becoming Hokage. How he let himself get stabbed by one of the Shins is pathetic.

    I wonder what the deal is with Boruto and Himawari's whiskers? I do hope Himawari can still use the Byakugan.

    Another question is why Naruto's Sage Power seems to have vaporized, in spite of him having chakra from all the tailed beasts, while Sasuke's Rinnegan is just as strong as before. (???), but Naruto can't fly and has none of his Jesus Powers anymore.. Does Kishimoto in fact hate Naruto, or at least he insists on making him look like a goat.

    Somehow it seems that Kishi changed his focus/direction midstream. Remember when Kurama and the other beasts said/thought that Naruto is the SO6P's .... and they decided to give him their chakra? It turned out that Naruto was not anymore special than Sasuke with respect to the Sage.

    Oh yeah, and why won't Sasuke just get a Zetsu arm replacement already?

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    I don't know when u gonna read this, but today a new boruto special came out, is the day kakashi resign of his hokage title and pass him to naruto it will show u something interesting about himawori lol. About why naruto loses his power of sage I think is because hi loses the mark of the sun in his hand (BTW he destroy that hand), and sasuke still have his rinnegan problably cuz hashirama give him senju chakra anthen the sage gave him the moon seal that active the rinnegan. Also I remember reading here something that paul post about naruto and sasuke having all elemental chakra so maybe is not that they cant use it anymore and more like it is that they have no one to go against it.
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    To me, the primary problem is that the series ran into inconsistencies towards the end. The most glaring issue, to me, was Sasuke's development. Sasuke entered the War Arc late, after over 50 chapters of absence. While he didn't miss out out too much, development-wise (due to the War Arc starting out with 30 chapters of filler battles), Sasuke's previous arc seems to have been largely scrapped, probably because Kishi had found a new direction to take his Main Villains (particularly with regards to Tobi=Obito).

    After being revealed to be Obito, almost none of Tobi's previous actions regarding Sasuke / the Uchiha make sense. Why did he go to so much trouble to win Sasuke over and develop Sasuke's power? Why did he have such hatred towards the Uchiha Clan? It all comes off as completely unsatisfying. While Tobi had been a villain who was much more involved in Sasuke's story arc, Obito's backstory/motives have almost nothing to do with Sasuke. Never is Obito's personal feelings towards Sasuke/the Uchiha even hinted at after that mask is broken (aside from maybe referring to Sasuke as a "fellow traitor").

    While I don't mind Sasuke's eventual decision to become his own version of a "Hokage" to unify the villages, I really hated the fact that so many of Sasuke's previous chapters were retcon'd. It's like Kishi was working towards one ending from chapters 400-500, decided to change it somewhere between Ch.500-560, and then loosely worked towards something to conclude the manga from Ch.560-700.

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    The last 70% of shippuuden felt like shortcuts but hey it ended.( I know its short but too much time has passed since I had thoughts on this).

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