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    The sooner this arc ends, the more we get closer to seeing the Strawhats back.

    Seriously, One Piece is the only manga where I'm rooting for the bad guys.

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    Whitebeard dying is disappointing to me. That was so obvious that I didn't thought it would happen.

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    At least this rescue ace thing is ending.

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    Now the journey of reuniting with his crew -____________-"

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    Hopefully after this arc we'll not just see luffy using his untapped power but hopefully having him figure out how to use it. And on a side note, i hope his hair doesn't turn yellow when he does. Just putting that out there.

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    Hate to see this arc go but am glad its coming to an end. Whitebeard is going to die unless his men disobey and save him somehow or and I think someone said it already, Luffy extends his arms and save him that way.

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    One Piece and Oda are amazing, can't wait to see this chapter.
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    If WB does sacrifice himself, then how come Ace and Luffy are smiling in one of the following panels? Or is that panel from before WB says he'll sacrifice himself? Or are they not really smiling?

    I just don't think they'd be smiling after WB's epic farewell. Can someone enlighten me on this matter?
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    C'mon, we all saw that Whitebeard will die and it's been obvious since the start that he's willing to die. Just didn't expect that it'll be this Dramatic and/or Emotional wouldn't expect anything less from Oda.
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    Whitebeard is practically on life support anyway, he might as well go out in a blaze of glory.

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