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    Things that have happened since Mister_Death started looking for a job.

    Well, as all the IRC regulars know, Mister_Death has been looking for a job for sometime now. His last place of employment ended in February and I thought it would be nice to note all the things that have happened.

    • Four National Holidays Past
    • I have moved three times.
    • I have traveled out of Country.
    • The Canada/Russia War over the Artic
    • The promotion of three Global Mods
    • 40+ Chapters of every Manga
    • The World Junior Hockey Championship
    • Two Seasons of Top Gear

    Feel free to contribute major events in the world and your life that have happened in the past 11 months.
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    Two friends of mine have conceived and had child.
    Promoted to Naruto Mod
    Promoted to One Piece Mod
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    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    I've taken out two more loans for school and managed to drink 1,000+ beers in that time span.

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    In Your Head

    • One NCAA Football Season
    • I Graduated High School
    • Started college
    • Joined Binktopia
    • Promoted to Admin of Binktopia
    • Stephen Colbert Sponsoring the US Speed Skating team
    • Maintained a job
    • The Cavs beat the Lakers multiple times.

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    100 Celebrities died

    Thsv got Gonorrhea twice and got rid of it once

    Phixion somehow also got Gonorrhea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinhan View Post
    Thsv got Gonorrhea twice and got rid of it once

    Phixion somehow also got Gonorrhea
    I smell a Sherlock Holmes sequel.
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    • I've gotten 3 jobs. Kept 2 of them.

    Let's get this party started.

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    • I managed to get a girlfriend, and keep her
    • I have become even less active in JAC, after a short spurt of actually doing something
    • Obama got a Nobel peace prize, the world (including Obama) scratched their heads

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    • Asce has begun speaking the third person.
    • Asce has broke the ceiling for biggest ego
    • Asce has turned 12.
    • The Jets became a respectable football team.
    • The Saints are going to the superbowl (and will most likely have won before Mister Death gets a job).
    • Asce became an active part of the Binktopia cleaning staff...and then abruptly stopped.
    • Asce has overcome psychobitches on at least three separate occasions.
    • Zidane joined the fucking army
    • Woofcat has watched every episode of Initial D at least six times
    • Tiger Woods slept with nineteen different women.
    • Asce became an admin on mangashare (MUAHAHHAHAHAHA).
    • Asce promptly relinquished all responsibilities upon becoming an admin on mangashare.
    • Asce has devleoped a habit of making lists that are too long.
    • Party in the USA became the number one song in America.
    • A person named Ke$ha was brought to the spotlight...and she wasn't black. (SHE'S NOT BLACK!!)
    • The following members have come and go from binktopia: Bringmethehorizon, Cheez, Cipo, eNia, Fletcher, hao-sama, Imoto-chan, LegACy, LightKage, Mass Zero, RyuSensei, The Archangel, yuji-kun, Vitron, Binky, Fxu, Wingzy, Kai, mab, and probably many others.
    • Woofcat started and ended a sobriety streak.
    • Taylor Swift has created 32953052835905275 smash hit country songs.
    • Some British guy named Jay Sean tore up the music charts.
    • NPG, Gin0va, and Damnz were active, became inactive, then active again...then inactive...and now...hell I have no idea.
    • Conan O'Brien got, and lost a TV show. (hey yooooo)
    • The skillful members of Top Gear have raced a classical train against a motorcycle and a car, picked a car for a 17 year old, actually tested affordable cars, gone to France, bought 3 cars at an auction, created ingenious advertising campaigns for volkswagon involving super models in bikinis and explosions, found a road built by a romanian dictator, built an electric car, driven a car underground, created an art exhibition, gone to fucking Bolivia and almost died in three shit-beaten cars, and wasted all their money as Jeremy visited sixteen different countries during his oh-so-economical "fact" finding mission.
    • Jersey shore happened.
      (That's right motherfuckers, this list ain't finished)
    • The Lakers won an NBA championship, proving millions wrong about Kobe's ability to perform solo, underpressure and without male enhancement pills.
    • The Detroit Lions WON FOOTBALL GAMES :O
    • Rednecknoob has raped no less than six unsuspecting mormon girls.
    • Zidane and DFX performed a glorious exchange of the Vag-Hole title for Binktopia's crown.
    • Asce has used over 235823590235 condoms, single handedly keeping the latex industry alive.
    • Ending note: Last time Mister Death was employed, Luffy had just gotten into Impel Down, Naruto was just learning Sage-jutsu and hadn't fought Pein yet, Ichigo hadn't fought Ulquorria yet, Luxus was still trying to take over Fairy Tail by...err..blowing shit up..? And Kim Kardashian's ass wasn't fucking INSANE.*

    *Ok I got carried away with the last was already insane.


    Ever wonder why one of your particularly bad posts has been deleted? Feel free to contact me!

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    Posted over a 100,000,000,000 images in the Beautiful Women Thread.

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