Well, if thats true, he probably is still looking for a job at least.. Which keeps the thread alive, right? The name is "Things that have happened since Mister_Death started looking for a job."
Its only over once he stops looking for a job.. O.o

To add to the thread:
Engaged brother is married.
Brother that got married now has a daughter that is almost 3 weeks old.
My other niece is almost 3.
Going to have a nephew in a few months.
Ive been legally an adult for some time now.
On mangashare for over a year now.
Gone Zip-lining through tropical forests for a few hours.
Swam with Stingrays.
Met 2 chicks that were white African Jews. (South African to be more precise, were actually behind me in zip-lining lol..)
Oh, and i guess ill add that RedNeckNoob never did come and find me before my 18th birthday to do.. unpleasant things to me. :-p

How long has it been now? O.O

Queenie, I actually have a normal scuba diving license, though i havent gone since i got it. >.<
And wouldnt riding an elephant be pretty uncomfortable? :-p Mustve been an interesting experience, nonetheless.