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    Hypothetical Battle: Konoha vs Akatsuki

    Ok let's have a CLEAN debate.

    1. Use FACTS from the MANGA to back your response.
    2. If you are giving your own opinion that's not backed 100% by FACT then post it in italics or bold text.
    3. STICK to the given scenario do not argue outside of it.

    This is a DREAM battle. So it does not follow the manga, it will pit a FULL POWER Konoha vs. a FULL POWER Akatsuki. Akatsuki has the advantage of a surprise attack on the walls of Konoha they may attack from any direction in any manner imaginable. However they will be spotted by Konoha patrols soon after DO NOT DEBATE THIS Konoha didnt get to where it's at by being relaxed on defense

    All Known Members Including Orochimaru, Sasori, Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara AND Tobi (however tobi will NOT be counted as Uchiha Madara as this is STILL not 100% confirmed)
    - Kabuto counts as well.

    All Known Members including Namikaze Minato, Sarutobi (old), Asuma, Tsunade, Jiraiya and Sasuke (grown).

    Everyone has all of the abilities they have been shown to have. For those who's abilities are still not displayed we will simply assume them to be about as strong as their peers. However we'll assume that Pein and Minato are a step above the rest. REALIZE THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE INVINCIBLE.

    NO help from the Sand for Konoha.
    NO underlings for Akatsuki.

    ok this is the full scenario seems fair enough

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    i vote for akastuki

    i think akatsuki wil go in 2 pairs orochimaru and itachi must go first to fight the strongste nin-sarutobi and minato so they think it's only itachi and orochimaru while the rest of akatsuki makes it's move kisame teams up whit deidare since kisame can create tsunami's while deidara boms the village in every possable way sasori can use his 300 pupets justu the try and take over or fights the millitary hidan goes right in the battle since is kinda immortall
    while kakuzu can be use ful as a medic since he put the head the of hidan and arms of deidara back up.konan can infiltrate the village whit here origami justu while pein (almost god) just makes his apperance and summons the tailed beast they have and konoha loses haha in you're face
    i know it sound stupid but like you said there or no facts yet to determine a true victory to one of the side's maybe soon maybe never this is just fan theory xD
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    NAruto's next Rasengan powerup(where he uses his new Fuuton RS while in Fox Xage mode) will accidentally make a tear in dimensions and suck Aizen and everyone else into Narutoverse, which will result in Madara and Aizen fusing, and Naruto will borrow Ichigo's enormous Zanpakuto and charge it with Wind Chakra and cut Madaraizen(if you steal this term I will hunt you down and disembowel you) in half, and then the world explodes from the awesomeness of the scene.
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    Id have to say that Konoha would still win. Theres no way Akatsuki can win, with all the jounin and ANBU members(including Root) that Konoha has theres no match. Yondaime will fight Pein and the rest is predetermined with some casualties, but konoha will end up winning.

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    im going to put 3 paragraphs. one with why konoha will win and one why akatsuki will, and then give my last opinion on this dream battle

    i think konoha kuz konoha has so many jounin, anbu, root, sasuke that took out deidara 1v1, 2/3 sannin, 4th and 3rd hokage, and naruto's generation's powerful jutsu combos. for example, like shikamaru's shadow hold + fuuton rasengan? chyeah.... theres also the unmentioned characters too, like the whole hyuuga clan? i mean i think neji's father is pretty damn strong jus by himself too... and i dono how akatsuki would counter 4th hokage =/ i mean teleportation jutsu? thats almost cheating lolll and akatsuki has no jinchuuriki on their side either. and i think kakashi and gai can take out 1 akatsuki out by themselves too, but just an opinion. if they have sasuke and kakashi, they both have sharingans to fight itachi and tobi's sharingans, so thats evenly matched.

    on the other hand, maybe all this will change when we see pain and tobi's abilities sasori's 100 puppet jutsu and deidara's claybombs can be really usefull. not that itachi and kisame arent strong, but sasori and deidara are good at taking out alot of ppl out at once. (unless kisame floods the whole place rofl TT) sasori only lost because of 3 reasons. chiyo taught sasori everything about puppets controls/jutsu, sakura and chiyo are both super buff nin, and sasori LET himself killed (according to chiyo in the end). oh and another thing.. does genjutsu work on puppets? kuz it doesnt all of konoha's genjutsu specialists are pretty screwed against the puppets ^^; and what about massing mizubunshins from kisame and doing waterprison jutsu he has a buttload of chakra yes? we havnt seen 6 of the akatsuki fight in their full. itachi, kisame, zetsu, pain, konan, tobi all havnt been seen to their full potential

    however! i still think konoha would win. they have so many powerful ppl (still... ALL of the hyuuga rofl TT) and they also win wayyy more in quantites of nin. so all in all, i think konoha would be victorious of this awesomely super shexy battle
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    i don't get it....... the 4th wasn't alive when the akatsuki formed.........But then couldn't we pretend the akatsuki succeed in there plan to capture the bijuu's? and released them on konoho?

    This is clearly bias against konoha if they have all there best men. Konoho would clearly win in your hypothetical situation.


    Konoho legends > Akatsuki
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    less people = less confusion + easily infiltrate into Konoha territory

    Pain's ESP = communication among members instantly anywhere

    Pain's 30% clone = build an army using defeated enemies

    AOE jutsu = Area Of Effect killing multiple ninja or bombard village
    (Kisame Flood/ Diedera Bombs/ Itachi Amaterasu/ Sasori Poison)

    2 Undead Tanks = Hidan/Kakuzu

    Sasori's 1000 puppets = overkill

    oh and about the Sannin that everyone loves and bluffs... Pain > all 3.
    the rest of Konoha ninjas not even worth mentioning.
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    Kishi says:

    Uchiha = God

    Uzumaki = Shit

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    Two members to kill Kakashi. Three members to kill Minato. Two members to kill the 3rd.

    Deidara drops a C3/C4.


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    If both are at full power, Konoha definitely would win.
    It was because of Orochimaru/Sand/Sound that Konoha got so weak.
    Hahaha, and if you are going to allow Minato to enter into the picture.. LOLz, Konoha wins for sure.

    To put the fourth in a logical way:
    Hanzou beat the three sannin in their youth (early twenties?).
    At around the same age, anybody who saw Minato (during the war of course) was ordered to flee on sight.
    Hanzou did not have this characteristic.
    If Hanzou was older and thus weaker when Pein beat him, then the fourth would most certainly take little time to take him down.
    The Uchihas would be the most difficult match for him because they might be able to track him and in effect counter him.

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    also if minato is alive.. tsuande is not in the village thus no medical specialist to counter Sasori poison and Sakura would still be fodder

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    In my opinion, Akatsuki would win. Even though Konoha has power in numbers, we're all forgetting that the entire Akatsuki is composed of S-class missing nins. If Konoha brought their entire army of ninjas into the battle, the genins - lower/middle jounins would go down incredibly quickly. Leaving the ones still standing to deal with Akatsuki, who have probably still not lost any men yet.

    This brings the battle to almost even in numbers. And we also have to remember that the Akatsuki members possess incredibly unique abilities. They also probably have a massive knowledge database on the ninjas of konoha, whereas Konoha doesn't know much about them at all. Assuming that the fights do not go 1 vs 1 the entire time through, the Akatsuki members, from what I've seen, are skilled enough to hop quickly into another one's battle and assist before leaving and continuing their own.

    And although Konoha has sannins and hokages, in my opinion, a few of the Akatsuki members are already passed hokage level. [Orochimaru admitted Itachi is definetely stronger than him. Itachi > Orochimaru > Sandaime]

    And this is why that I think Akatsuki would win in the end

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