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    Haha Kubo logic>all. Thks for the explaination. This quincy seems like a more powerful version of the 7th espada though. Way too OP

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    Wow, Toshirou.....Toshirou really fucked those guys up! Daaaaammmmmn! ( In my Craig and Smokey voice.) Jeez, he straight up demolished those two. And I really hope they get the gender bender Quincy out of the way real soon. I haven't been this creeped out by a character since As Nodt. And of course, Mayuri has a cure, still hope he gets killed though. if I said it once, I'll say it again: I. Hate. That. Guy. I just wanna see Hitsugaya chop his punk ass up six ways from Sunday. But overall, i thought it was a pretty decent chapter. Not a lot of action, but when it happened, all you could say was "Damn! That nigga is FUUUCKED UP!" I hope to see some more remaining vice captains and lieutenants step up and become the next generation of the Gotei that will protect Soul Society, people like MoMo, Shuhei, Kintaro, Isane, Yachiru, Oemada and Matsumoto. As a matter of fact, if anyone should beat Hitsugaya, it should be Rangiku. She knows him best and it would be a perfect opportunity to put her in a situation where she has to forcibly go Bankai because she gets backed into a corner because he's about to end her. Then Haineko can sense her despair and feelings for captain and friend, thus giving her the power needed to defeat Toshirou. Plus, out of all the Vice Captains and Lieutenants, I'm really going to see Matsumoto, Shuhei and Momo go Bankai. I honestly think their Bankai's would be close to being OP like Rukia' s.
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