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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Shepherd View Post
    Of all the things they could have done with edoras they decide to do that cliche thing..
    I was thinking the same... Why go through a whole thing with totally different characters again, almost the same nirvana did. >.>

    I would have much more prefered something with just the 100-year quest/gildartz, the dragonslayers, the other dark guilds(the woman that was with gerard, cant remember her name out of my head) or something like that.

    Hopefully this will lead to something good, it hasn't convinced me yet.

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    Well, I guess they might have just shown that fairy tail just to emphasize that its a new world that is completely different. But to end the chapter on it makes it seem like its a big deal and that the upcoming shit will have a lot to do with it.

    They could still make this arc good, though. Just hopefully it doesn't focus anything on how it is a different personality world. Hopefully it goes straight to something different, as in this next chapter, or real soon.

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    It is actually a step closer to highlighting the dragonslayers, because we're probably gonna know what those cats were sent to dragonslayers for.

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    This was a pretty interesting chapter, I'm actually a little bit excited about the next one

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