Fellow Mangasharers,

It's no secrete that the forum is not operating as it should, but I have never been able to get anyone to tell me just the Low-Down. Is there anyone at the helm?

It is difficult to imagine that someone would go through the bother of pay server fees, and then totally not maintain the forum. Also whatever happened to the Admins and Mods? They all just silently melted away without a peep.

New members can't post:

Quote Originally Posted by Zaelson Lux
Can you please tell me how to reply on threads? It will not allow me to make them and its telling me that i cannot email the administrators for a solution because it has been disabled. Thanks in advance. Also i enjoy reading your theories on Naruto.
and links don't work.

Anyway, I know I am not saying anything longtime members are not already aware of, but perhaps someone out there can tell me/us, what exactly is going on here.