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    One Piece 750 Discussion/ 751 Predictions

    The long wait is over Oda-san's operation must've gone off without a hitch.

    So many epic battles to be concluded. Sabo vs Fujitora and pals should be awesome.
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    If Sabo is really strong enough to take on an Admiral and two Vice Admiral at the same time (and some soldiers, but who cares about them) then Dragon must be ridiculous if he's stronger than Sabo.
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    Its about to hit the fan!

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    Such an amazing chapter! Made me forget all about the missing weeks one. And CAN'T wait for Sabo to unleash some fire on these guys, he must be a genius since hes mastered the fire DF so quickly! Hmm I wonder if his fire will be snuffed out from the gravity fruit? Fujitora is the only problem for him right now, as a Logia it should't matter what any of the others do, just the Haki wielders and Fuji. But awesome chapter and glad to see the maps of where everyones at
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    Yeah...Great that Oda sensei is now okay. I can get a dose of this awesome manga and the other two to give myself a little happiness after that unsavory defeat my beloved national football team, "the black stars" of Ghana were handed on monday by the US of f***in' A.

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