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Thread: bleach 582

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    Dunno but I feel like this chapter was missing panels. Ichigo's battle with the females was kinda fast and I don't know what moves he used. His armor reminds me of his fathers. Also I wonder what "D" is planning... and he reminds me of Aizen, I wonder if he plans on releasing and working with Aizen.

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    Now would be a perfect time for Unohana to come out of the room and become a healer again now that her death math has been finished and she has passed on the title properly (she did die right? and thats one of the conditions to be a kenpachi). I wonder why she wasn't a war potential lol. Heal Zaraki and maybe even become a duo with him till they find Yachiru? Or she could explain where Yachiru went i.e. became his sword lol. Exciting chapter though, this is a good warm up for Ichigo but he better not go Bankai like he always reverts too! I always hated how his initial reaction is to go Bankai right away like he was scared or weak or something. Hirako is busy with 3 fingers too, wonder whats going to happen with that
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    Dunno...I think both Mapngapanda and Mangastream might have messed up the translations. Maybe the thing asked in that last panel is in fact "Wonder what HE will choose", i.e., Ichigo will be presented with some kind of tough choice.

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