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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackriot69 View Post
    Another thing I'd like to note is the implications Law outlined in this chapter. As he says, the original plan was to force Doflamingo to vacate his Warlord position, in turn disrupting his SMILE production and earning the wrath of Kaido himself. However, Doflamingo the crazy ^#%* he is when and screwed that plan all to hell. Now with Bird Cage activated, there is no other way to go about defeating Doflamingo except head on, which Law knows is absolute suicide.

    Which brings me to my point: if and when Luffy and the SHs/Law successfully defeat Doflamingo, not only will they have reached another level of awesomeness and notoriety, but they will have simultaneously garnered the fury of their second Yonkou. Remember, Luffy's already declared outright war against Big Mom, and as we saw earlier this arc, she is not very tolerant of such declarations. Luffy's already screwed up her FI candy production in addition to claiming he'll take her down, but should Doflamingo and his SMILE production and trade between him and Kaido, Kaido will likely react the same way Big Mom has: to send part of her crew to annihilate the SHs. Ultimately, the ire of two Yonkous undoubtedly will prove too much for whatever alliance (outside a Supernova alliance ) Luffy joins to defeat them. Yet, will the chance to destroy the infamous SHs incite turmoil amidst Big Mom and Kaido if this scenario does in fact arise? Definitely something to think about.....

    Although the idea of 2 yonkous fighting it out to decide who gets to destroy the strawhats, would be extremely hilarious (not to mention awesome because of the notoriety the SH will gain from that conflict) I still want to believe that big mom is going to turn out being Lola's mother and that vivre card will safe the SH the trouble of fighting big mom.

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    I love how strong everyones gotten yet peeps are all shitting themselves over the same Yonko who have been around forever lol
    A pie in the sky?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    I love how strong everyones gotten yet peeps are all shitting themselves over the same Yonko who have been around forever lol
    It's true! What the hell kind of crazy have the Yonko accomplished to have lasted this long and to have earned the fearsome reputation equal to that of good as death? <(wasn't as eloquent as I thought it sounded.....)

    Whitebeard wielded the power to destroy the world itself, plus he fought on par with Gol Roger

    Shanks, about the only thing we know is that he used to be a sparing partner with Mihawk, was on Gol Roger's crew (which have you ever wondered why he hasn't become the Pirate King himself after all these years?), and can go toe to toe with any other Yonko (though BB seems to worry him)

    Kaido commands an over-500 artificial SMILE Zoan DF army, thus making him a huge underworld figure

    Big Mom, besides the candy business, is one of the more mysterious ones...

    Definitely looking forward to seeing what atrocities they committed to earn those titles and hold them for so long

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