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    1) I do believe that Naruto is the Jinchuuriki of the Nine tails again. My rationale is Twofold.

    A) Naruto Without Yin Kurama was dieing, not from lack of Chakra or any other physical ailment. It was because the seal had linked him to the Kyuubi. Thje reason he is no longer dieing when the Yang Kyuubi voluntarily re-entered him has to be because the seal's link from Naruto to the Kyuubi was restored.

    B) The reason why Naruto , even with the other Bijuu inside him, still has only Kyuubi eyes, ( this is true even when he is using chakra from the Yonbi or the Ichibi), has to be because he only maintains a special jinchuuriki relationship to the Kyuubi that is not shared with the other Bijuus, even though the other Bijuus are inside him.

    I therefore submit that he is once again the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki.

    2) Even if the Juubi does not actively utilize the Juubigan, it doesn't mean that the Juubigan in the Juubi is powerless. While Under Madara's control, the Juubi used its eye to target distant places, including the shinobi alliance HQ. I am certain (almost) that the reason the Juubigan did not appear on Obito is that he did not employ a Bijuu Mode. Just like how Naruto's eyes do not always reflect the Kyuubi's eyes either.

    The core point is that I feel it is inevitable that the 9 Bijuus will voluntarily merge to form a Juubi inside Naruto, When they do so A Juubigan will likely appear on Naruto. This Juubigan will eventually be fixed on Sasuke's Susanoo when Naruto and Sasuke recombine their Chakras inside Sasuke's Susanoo.
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    Or the cross eye is a new Eye, that represents the power of SSM that one without a doujutsu would have (maybe it remains blue to accommodate with the prophecy speaking about the "blue-eyed" savior) ?

    Another case to consider is that deep within Naruto, the Bijuu appeared "big" and complete (even though the portions of 8-tail and 1-tail that Obito took couldn't even form a small body version), so perhaps So6p was keeping Bro6p's part of the Jyuubi's power all along (when venturing through time and space) specifically for the "promised time" and when the chosen one appeared with the 9 Bijuu's parts/consciousness/spirits, he might have simply added the remaining Jyuubi part into them... especially seeing that when fighting the Jyuubi, he did not had the black balls, yet when appearing before Naruto and Sasuke ho does have them...

    Would the Kyuubi part by itself really save Naruto ? We will never know, since what saved Naruto for sure, was the power of the Jyuubi, which seemingly can save a Jinchuriki just like the Jyuubi's Shell. If simply resealing the Bijuu would have saved a Jinchurki, then Kushina could have been easily saved.

    BTW. the current Kurama within Naruto seemingly has only 8-tails, so we can't call it Kyuubi anymore :

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