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    One Piece Canon Characters in Non Canon

    After the release of the new game One Piece: Unlimited World Red and seeing its awesome main antagonist Patrick Redfield I began to think about all the character Oda has made for Non Canon One Piece Material. Where does he draw the line between the characters that actually exist in the one piece world and those only existing in the non canon? I know both Gold Lion Shiki and Black Arm Zephyr are two canon non canon characters cause Oda said so, But Oda has created a lot of other characters for the non canon that could well exist in the one piece world even if they aren't in the manga. Redfield is a perfect example, though this would sadly mean we would get no vampire fruit in the canon story.

    Anyway, main question. Who of the Oda created non canon characters do you think should be allowed to exist, and who do you think should just be kept as non canon?
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    There's this character called Chameleone Oda created that was a mole in the WB pirates. I always thought he looked like Doflamingo's unstable brother (if you can believe that) and would love to see him make an appearance.

    Outside of him I've never really understood why the G-8 Marines, including VA Jonathan, are not canon. To me the arc, albeit only filler, was one of the better and more interesting ones the anime has done. Jonathan as a tactician was brilliant!

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