I wonder if Kubo is not painting himself into a corner here:

He still has to draw Aizen, Ichigo, The Soul King, and while drawing them, he has to give them unique, but staggeringly huge powers. Then on top of that he has to do justice to Juha Bach who will have gainned the powers of all the dead Quincies.

He then has to link up with the going ons at Hueco Mundo (yep there's still Chado and Orihime), he has to say something about the Hollows, particularly Grimjow and Hallibel. He also has to conclude the fights with Urahara, Kurotsuchiin it, and the ones with Hitsugaya, Rukia, and Renji.

He has to go back to Uruuyu, Dog Captain guy, and perhaps revisit new Sou Taichou Kuroyaki Shunsui.

How can he portray so many unbelievably powerful people without diminishing any of them, while maintaining the excitement and interest?