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    Son Of Batman- Movie

    Hey guys, I've just watched the animated movie of 'Son Of Batman' it's pretty sick you get to see batman's love for talia and plenty more i don't want to give out spoilers the action is descent as we'll WB and DC they're getting it right with these animated films watch and post your thoughts have a GOOD FRIDAY peeps.

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    It was so, so.

    I didn't like it how they degraded Slade in this movie.

    As for nitpicking:
    - a secret HQ of the assassin organization, without any alarm system (even if they dislike technology, they should have at least an alarm bell or something),
    - those were for sure a strange burn marks,
    - a drone, that is loud enough to hear from miles away, yet the Batplane can't be heard from up close,
    - Damian's both arms, muscles and bones, were pierced, yet he still could fight at full capability... yeah,
    - Talia aka Boobs, I understand that she wanted to be more convincing to Bruce, but other than that time... eh,
    - if Damian was trained this hard when he was 4 or less, shouldn't he have a muscle degeneration already ?

    What's next ? Damian becoming Redwing and killing Nightwing, because of being jealous of the true? father - son relationship that they had ?

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    I agree it was so so. okay for a one time watch movie.

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    Son Of Batman Movie

    I read an article the other day about a New Batman Movie. I forget the name of the guy who is supposed to direct it. Do you people know anything about this?

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    I will have a look at the Son Of Batman movie, it looks interesting for me.

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