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When i look at it closely he just put his hand will gripping his sword.. its just a pose... why would he remove his eye patch when he isn't even scratched by any means
Unfortunately, I am just not seeing too much of a difference between Kenpachi now, as opposed to Kepachi before he fought with Unohaha. He still seems like a troglodyte who just wants to slash and be slashed. He should at least have had an upgrade of his reiatsu, enough to immediately Melt away his restraining eye patch or something like that.

Plus I do wonder what is the use of him learning his sword's name, if he still has the same cave man attitude he always had. With a sword named Eliminate From Heaven, wouldn't Kenpachi end up refusing to use its power because using it would not visceral, or bloody enough to allow him to "enjoy" the fight?

All this enjoying fights stuff is boring Kepachi should have just Slashed and killed Gremmy already, instead of waiting around and Goading him into enjoying the fight too.