Someone had asked about the fruit, earlier. The question was how or why the fruit which had developed every thousand years previously, with no harm to anyone, would now spell doom for mankind.

I think the answer is that a naturally developed fruit would not take chakra away from people. However, eternal Tuskuyomi would enslave and encapsulate people, keeping them alive, while using them as a resource to harvest their natural chakra. The God Tree under these conditions would use humanity as a food source for its new fruit, unlike a naturally developed fruit.

I have a question or point:

Why would Obito want to give all nine chakra beasts to Naruto, if he wasn't trying to recreate the Juubi inside him. If this was his purpose, then Obito is not finished yet, he still needs to infuse the part of the Geddou Mazou that Kakashi sent over, into Naruto. To me it would be unlikely and unusual for Obito to Gather all 9 beasts inside someone if he wasn't thinking of a Juubi.