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    Naruto Chapter 671 Discussion/ 672 Predictions

    The chapter is now out.

    Mangapanda Version:

    Manga Stream Version:

    Another fine chapter indeed. I really like Ninjutsu, but the more I learn about Kaguya, the more I begin to dislike it lol.

    It looks Like PaulBee and a few other were right. It looks like instead of Naruto becoming the next Sage of the Six paths, both Naruto and Sasuke will be some become a sort of joint Sage and bring peace to the world together. I personally figured this would happen either way, but Naruto would be the Juubi Jinchuriki (When the 9 beasts came together as one entity again like the prophecy states) and Sasuke would end up with the Rinnegan and help the world in his own way.

    It would seem the Byakugan was not originally a mutation, but its own separate Dojutsu, as well as the sharingan. Though the eye of Kaguya and the finalized Juubi appear to be a fusion or completion/perfection of the 3. Since I'm sure Indra's ancestor's bore the sharingan, it looks like someone's sharingan did mutate into the seemingly lost Byakugan Dojutsu somewhere along the line.

    I doubt Hagoromo's words would have proven true, but he is right in saying that he should have at least tried to seek council with Indra's ancestors as opposed to favoring Ashura's. After all, they say it's a reincarnation cycle, but just like in The Avatar: The Last Air Bender, that new reincarnation is their own person and does not think and act in the same manner, so Indra's ancestors may not have been totally in sync with their predecessors flawed agendas. Even though Naruto is the Child of Prophecy, Sasuke is still a unique soul, as Itachi pointed out at one time. If Sasuke had been kept in the the grim phosphorescence the Uchiha called the "light" instead of being poked in the forehead and being kept in the dark from their schemes, he just may have prevented that horrible tragedy.

    We see that it is indeed The Sage who speaks with Sasuke, and not his mysterious brother. This worries me a little because Naruto and Sasuke learning more about him is losing relevancy from their perspective. They have learned about the ancient past, and have now received the power of the Six Pathways, so they're ready to hit the battlefield and bring peace to the ninja world. I really hope his brother comes to the light someday. Perhaps he went astray like his mother and became The Reaper/Shinigami, but it could just as easily be his mother or someone different altogether (For what it's worth, it looks male lol). I don't know, but I feel he could have have had a vital role to play in their world's history.

    Exciting things are on the horizon, but for now, It's time for Guy to show Madara the true power of youth.
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    I have never cursed before on this forum, but this chapter is F*****G AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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    I agree, I'm at a lack of words. Also, I'm starting to think more and more that the sage's mother is actually the dead deamon. And that the sage's brother is the origin of the byakugan as we know it.

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    Well well well. It appears that Naruto does have another set of Bijuu. It looks like PaulBee was right after all. Good for him. I honestly didn't think it would happen this way.

    I am not sure that I am happy about this turn of events, it feels a little too straight forward for my taste but it could be worse. I did like a lot of things about this chapter as it answered a lot of series long questions, although in a bit of a strange way. The whole thing with Kaguya's eyes was interesting although it still has me a bit confused. I always wondered where the Byakugan fit in and was always a bit confused about why its powers were so different. This explanation shows the origins of the Byakugan but also leaves me wondering what the power on Kaguya's sharingan really was? It looks like the Juubi eye so I wonder exactly what it could do that is different than the Mangekyou. Also I wonder if Kaguya could use the powers of the Rinnegan aswell since her sharingan is clearly special. This also gives some hints about what clans may have descended from Kaguya's other son. Obviously the Hyuuga are descendants of Kaguya in some form.

    I was also a bit confused about the issue with the God Tree's fruit, it seems odd to me that the fruit is supposedly the thing that will end the world. Based on what Hagoromo said, it sounds like the Eternal Tsukuyomi's main purpose is to create another Fruit? Kind of strange, the idea that the Fruit is something dangerous never really occurred to me, although I guess it could fit in with the whole Garden of Eden parallel in a general way.

    This chapter really had me thinking about Orochimaru and how he fits into all this, I think that we may finally have gotten a really big hint as to why Orochimaru doesn't seem that interested in Madara's power or the Eternal Tsukuyomi. I think Orochimaru sees what Madara doesn't I think he is ultimately after the fruit. I think he also knows something about the Sage's brother, or at least I think he knows that there is more to the bloodline than Madara suspects.

    I am still wondering how Hashirama got the Mokuton, that is still a big mystery considering Hashirama actually seemed like an overpowered genius early in life. That just doesn't seem to line up with him being the reincarnation of Ashura. Hashirama's story seem incomplete.

    Still there are a lot of big questions though, I am very curious to see how this all plays out.

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    I liked that the prophecy was predicted by a toad - Gama Maru. Thats kinda cool. The powers they receive should be interesting. I wonder if Sasuke gave the same answer?
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    Okay, so Eternal Tsukuyomi is the Matrix? Hahaha, wow, I should have made that connection earlier. Oh and hey, Sasuke's Left handed, should have noticed that before as well.

    And While we have yet to see if the Rabbit Goddess was the source of the Bone Kekkei Genkai, It seems she was the source of the Byakugan. Awesome.
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    This is the first time I remember preferring the mangapanda translation

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    If the sage, and his two sons came back in some way what's stopping his mother and brother who were more powerful/just as powerful from doing the same? The color page with the reddish hair is pushing Uzumaki as the closest to the sage rather than the senju as well.
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    This chapter was all nice and dandy, pretty awesome actually, but it made me realize that an integral theme of the entire manga was forgotten. Naruto used to be the complete underdog who had zero talent, zero skill, only Kyuubi and his determination. Reading about his hardships when he was slowly getting better and better was the best and most insiprational part of the manga.

    However, nothing is the same anymore. First we found out that Uzumaki chakra is special. Then we found out that Naruto is literally destined for greatnes, and the latest news is that he was Ashura's reincarnage all along. If you guys still remember the fight Naruto vs Neji, Naruto emphatically wins that fight proclaiming that our destiny is not written in stone. What a massive contradiction that is now if you look at the prophecy and the fact that Naruto possesed one of the biggest power-ups (Ashura reincarnation + Uzumaki chakra) from the start.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that Naruto never was an underdog. He was just "in the making". It was just a matter of time when he would reach these heights. Offcourse we, the readers, allways knew he would come this far but earlier on we did not know that it would be because he had all these power-ups from the get-go. We thought that he would have to really sweat blood and tears to get there. In small part he may have done that, but everything great about him came mostly from his inherited "gifts". For example, I used to think that Naruto has strong chakra because he was training and pushing himself so hard. Wrong, its all because of his Uzumaki bloodline.
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    Is it just me or is the Sage's mother kinda looking like the Shiki Fujin Demon?

    It was a totally epic chapter, but I worry about Naruto being more about repeating history than making you own way and creating your destiny. With whats been said, to me at least, its almost like the Chakras swayed both Naruto and Sasuke and shaped the way their lives developed. It kinda sucks to see it go that way because Naruto has always been about doing things his way.

    Also, I wonder if a child born with Uchiha and Hyuga parents would possess the power of a new fruit? Surely over so many yrs there must've been some merger in the bloodlines.

    I wish that the Sage spoke more about the Toad sage(i think he did at least) and explained his roles with them.

    Finally, (can someone correct me if I'm wrong) wasn't the prophecy about Naruto and Nagato? How did Sasuke so boldly replace him?

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