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    One Piece 743 Discussion / 744 Prediction

    The look on Dofa's face!!!! LMBO !!!

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    Looks to me like Doflamingo used his powers to control Law. He had Law cut off his head before Kuros could.

    But Wow, This is pure Chaos, Doflamingo must be having the worst time ever XP.
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    Wow that was a great chapter! ^ Doffy can use his strings to control people physically not control their powers (at least that's what's been shown so far) So if Law really is the one that helped Doffy, He did so on his own accord. I'm betting it's not really doffy or someone in his entourage has an ability to make it appear as if he's there but is somewhere else entirely.

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    Brilliant chapters from the big three today but One Piece is the one that really got me pumped. Who would've thought that Ussop would be the one to ruin Doffy's masterplan that's been going on for 10 years, and to boot he acts like it was all part of his plan lol

    I don't think Doffy is dead, I went back a few times trying to figure out how he pulled it off but as far as we know only Law could decapitate someone without killing them. At this point Luffy doesn't even need to fight Doffy because his gonna get screwed sideways. The people want his head, the government will be after him and Kaidou will also want his head for screwing his smile business.

    Can't wait to see how this unfolds, if Law did decapitate Doffy then I wonder what he intends to do with him.

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    No one mentioned Sabo's beastly demonstration of this core stuff either, tsk tsk.
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    yeah lol, sabo is just pure badass

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    Considering Sabo's power, I kinda wonder if he's above Luffy ATM. I think someone made a clone or substituted out for doflamingo. He's been too big a character to kill with one blow, much less from a side character. I think he's run off to come back with a counter.

    Interesting to see what Fujitoras response to this is.

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    I'm going to take a guess and say it could be Pika, making a stone double or something. Law's powers would be a bit obvious. But, we have to keep the option open that oda just wanted to shock us and that really was flamingo lol.
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    Just pure awesomeness. My jaw dropped a little when Kyros chopped Dofla's head. Of course he isn't dead, he sensed Kyros presence way before he raised his sword. I don't think Law used his powers to save Dofla on his own will. Dofla would not know that thus, he would have dodged the attack to save his own ass. He could be controlling Law and his power but isn't Law tied up with seastone? I think this part of his ability.

    I think Dofla wanted to get out there as fast as possible and avoid confrontation. He probably is on the way to meet with Pica and Trebol. They could control the crowd using their abilities. Pica with building wall jails, Dofla using mass string contro then Trebol paste them all together.

    Sabo could still be a tad above Luffy but the huge gap before has been closed.

    In the end all the people in the island, pirates, soldiers, and the local people alike would see Luffy sending Dofla flying and everyone would realize that the strawhats is the reason for their freedom and then click, instant ally.

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    Hahahahahahaha! Let the chaos ring in the New Era!!!

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