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the Juubi came from the Shinzu, but it is not the Shinzu. The Shinzu tree and Juubi can exist independently of one another, and the Juubi can be split while this happens. If you look at the chapters where Madara reclaimed the Juubi, and reformed it from the Geddou, you will see the Sinzu clearly in the background.
I think that is just a husk, it doesn't have any power, it doesn't have any spirit. The God Tree is the Juubi, without the chakra of the Bijuu, the tree is lifeless and powerless. Notice that since Obito lost the Bijuu the God Tree has been inactive it can't do anything, its just a big piece of wood.

Madara was able to create a giant lotus that is far bigger than any Bijuu but that doesn't make it a god tree, its just a big plant that grows Zetsu's. Even if Madara grew a plant as big as the God Tree it wouldn't be the God Tree, the Juubi and Bijuu are the God Tree in different forms.

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If another Juubi is formed, it will not cheapen the story because, there will be a precedent, and the new Juubi will be sourced from the same being as the old Juubi. It would be like a Kege Bunshin creating another Kage Bunshin. The two may act independently, but on a deeper level they are sourced from the same person.
I disagree, I don't see any precedent for a second Juubi. A Kage Bushin is a weak, temporary clone, it doesn't have the same power as the original and it is still under acting according the will of the original.

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I think a new juubi is neccessay for two reasons, Naruto has to show the Bijuus a new way, a path of cooperation, a path for True power, AND, I believe that the SO6P's prophesy implies that the Bijuus will be inside Naruto (my interpretation only).
How would creating a second set of Bijuu's teach the current ones a new path? It would make more sense for Naruto to use the current bijuu. By him bonding with them it should be possible for him to take them from Madara. Since Naruto has a connection to all of the Bijuu and they have developed a personal bond with Naruto they will likely try to help Naruto. Madara is controlling the Bijuu by force, but as we have seen the best way to use a Bijuu is when it is cooperating with its host. As we already saw with Obito, when he was weakened he began to loose control of the Bijuu and Naruto was able to break them free. Now that Naruto has a chakra connection to all of the Bijuu he should be able to to it again but with even more efficiency than before. Also, Naruto should now have the entire Sage's bloodline, since he should be able to get Uchiha and Senju cells from Obito. With all of those things together he should have a much better chance of getting the bijuu back.

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While all this is going on, the Good guys need to have some solid power behind their backs in order for them to team-work against Madara. Sasuke's Rinnegan and Naruto's Nascent Juubi will cooperate together to defeat Madara, and That power inside Naruto will be needed to defeat Sasuke later, and show him that cooperation (from Sakura, from Obito, from the Bijuus on their own volition) is superior to raw power alone.
Madara is clearly more powerful but Naruto and Sasuke have a few advantages. They are both about to get the full bloodline of the Sage, a bloodline that even Madara doesn't seem to have. I suspect that completing that bloodline will awaken powers in both of them that Madara himself doesn't have. Orochimaru said himself that all the research of his life has led him to believe that Sasuke can surpass Madara. Madara is missing a part of the equation, the very fact that he needed Kabuto to implant Hashirama's face onto him to master the Mokuton is proof of that. Sasuke will likely gain powers that Madara couldn't because he is not only getting Hashirama's cells he also got chakra directly from Hashirama. Kabuto also used knowledge from Tobirama to help heal Sasuke, that knowledge will probably improve the bond between his bloodlines even more.

Another advantage that Naruto and Sasuke have ia that they both have more experience with Natural energy. Naruto in particular because he is a trained Sage. Madara's powers are largely stolen and copied, most of his powers aren't earned through hard work and experience the way Naruto and Sasuke's are. Madara may have far more abilities, battle experience, and power but Naruto and Sasuke had to get most of their powers the hard way and as a result they understand them in ways that Madara doesn't. Another major advantage that they have is teamwork. Madara is a beast of a man but he is still just one person he can't coordinate attacks in the way that Naruto and Sasuke can. We already saw how Naruto and Sasuke were able to coordinate their attacks and combined their abilities to create new ones of extreme power. Now that Naruto and Sasuke have had the experience of fighting against Obito and they have greater power than ever before they should be able to create techniques far more powerful than they could previously. If Naruto and Sasuke both complete their bloodlines Madara's advantage will be reduced dramatically. He will still have more battle experience and more jutsu but his only major advantage at that point will be the Juubi. Since Naruto has a personal and chakra connection to the Bijuu though, I suspect they will start to resist Madara's control. If Naruto can free the Bijuu, Madara will lose his advantage.

Even though most of the characters have been beaten down and can't fight in a meaningful way, like they did against Obito. They are still their to offer guidance and possible create openings for Naruto and Sasuke. All of the Kages are still alive and Orochimaru and his team are still there to help Sasuke + get the Zetsu's out of the picture and perhaps learn some secrets about Madara in the process. If Yamato is the one inside Spiral Zetsu, the allies might be able to free him and he might be able to take control of the Senju statue. There are still many options for ways that the allies can help create openings for Naruto and Sasuke.

Last but certainly not least, Naruto now has some kind of connection to Hagoromo, we still don't know what the extent of that connection is but that could help him in many ways. By learning the truth from Hagoromo himself Naruto finally knows things that even Madara hasn't learned. Naruto could use that knowledge to affect Madara. Naruto knows things about the Bijuu, Hagoromo's Sons, Hagoromo, the God Tree and the history of the world that Madara is missing. All of that information will probably be very important. As we have seen in many battles knowledge can be just as valuable as power, sometimes even more. As we saw with Itachi and Kabuto, Kabuto had designed his skill set to be perfect for defeating Itachi but he still lost in the end because Itachi was smarter and understood things that Kabuto didn't.

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I believe that in order to end this war of the "Brothers", Indra's Spirit has to be convinced that "Love" is the more potent force to ensures peace (into the future), and in this case, Love will also be the Key to the power that ensures peace while being the glue that prevents more wars.
Yes, but I don't see what that has to do with Bijuu babies. Making a second Juubi would just be equaling the raw power between Naruto and Madara, it wouldn't show the value of love and cooperation. We have already seen the power of cooperation in how Naruto was able to overcome Obito with the help of all his friends and also because of his personal bond and empathy with the Bijuu themselves. Now he is learning about the past from Hagoromo himself and he has also received a connection to his past incarnation, probably in part because Hagoromo sees that Naruto is motivated by love. Madara believes in controlling the Bijuu by force while Naruto believes in gaining their help through love and cooperation. Madara doesn't have anyone who is trying to help him but himself and his single minded Zetsu's who just do as they are told. Naruto has many people giving him advice looking for ways to help him, to make him stronger. I suspect that is why he will win. I don't think it will be because he gets a Juubi of his own that makes him just as powerful as Madara. He will win because the Bijuu will rebel against Madara and try to lend their power to Naruto and all of Naruto's friends will do whatever it takes to keep him alive and help him be victorious. He will win through his cooperation with the Bijuu, with Sasuke, with his friends, his former enemies and Hagoromo.