1. So is the "special chakra" that Uchiha unlock actually part of Indra's chakra, culminating in the EMS when two brothers combine their share of Indra's chakra?

2. When Naruto first defeated Kurama, Kurama said "What is this power?!" Could Naruto have been manifesting Ashura's power on a higher level?

3. It looks like, one way or another, Chakra Mode is related to the power used by Ashura. It seems he wasn't using purely Bijuu power, but manifested his own power (truly the equivalent of his brother's Susano'o).

4. Seems Madara's staff isn't an incomplete version of Obito's. Rather, each possesses one side of Hagoromo's staff.

5. We see Hagoromo delving into the inadequacy of words, which Madara already told us was a key concern to Hagoromo. While I'm sure this is likely to be a common theme in upcoming chapters, I also remembered Naruto's unique ability to sense emotions. Could this ability be more than just "malice detection" and actually manifest some of Hagoromo's intended mental-bonding through Ninshuu?

6. I'm sure Indra had his reasons for not going along with Ashura, beyond simple pride. He probably lost someone close to him, and blamed his own / that person's lack of power at the time. There's a reason Uchiha gain power through grief, most often after losing that which the Uchiha had wanted to protect.

I can't wait for what's to come!