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    This chapter had me both excited and disappointed.

    Excited because we get to learn more about hagoromo and his sons. ALso, Hagoromo is quite cool

    Disappointed for various reasons: Hagoromo had a brother that was never mentioned. I think Kishi is manipulating around a bit too much; there's already enough he has to handle...unless of course his brother is essential to the story somehow. Then Indra doesen't have his spiral eyes, which got me utterly pissed. I really hoped to see what that doujutsu is capable of. Then, again, we have the same repeating story of the "genius" and the "good for nothing". I'm sooo tired of it. I always envisioned the two sons as natural badasses...

    Now there are a number of questions that arise:

    -What about Hagoromo's brother? Who is he? What's his bloodline? Does he have rinnegan? Why does he look so much like current Madara?

    -The sealing of thge Juubi: Hagoromo said they sealed the juubi within THEMSELVES, meaning that Hagoromo only divided his share of the juubi among the tailed beasts? If so, then what about the half of the juubi sealed in his brother?

    -If Ashura is reincarnated in Naruto, then Indra will have to be in Sasuke. Then who might madara be? maybe Hagoromo's bro? They look so much alike.


    ANyone noticed the resemblance between kaguya and the Dead God Reaper? They have the same horns, similar hair..and she was called a "demon". Maybe she created the jutsu.

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    Many of us hoped that Kishi would give us a chapter where Naruto shoots the breeze with So6P, and it's so awesome that he delivered it. It was great to finally see his face after SOOOO long and he shed even more light on the past and as expected there is a much different angle than when Madara or even Obito gave a history lesson. Oddly enough I'm getting a similar vibe to when Obito first met Madara, although even he wasn't as much of a baka as Naruto in the early part of this chapter. It was interesting when Hagoromo mentioned how he has done this before, time travelling and chatting with transmigrants. I have a sneaking suspicion that Madara had a similar chat when he was in hiding, with Hashirama's cells grafted into his wounds and at the end of his life. That would conveniently explain how awakening the rinnegan allowed Madara to become so damned knowledgeable about everything overnight. Next week can't come fast enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inderos View Post
    I'm kind of disappointed Kishimoto went the whole reincarnation route. Wasn't being a descendant enough? Now we are left to wonder how Madara and Sasuke can possess the same soul in two different bodies, at the same time....
    I agree, I felt like he really over simplified the story by making Naruto a reincarnation. It makes the characters position in life seem unearned.

    I liked a lot of this chapter, it was cool to finally see Hagoromo but I did feel a bit let down by the way the brothers are portrayed once again almost exactly like Naruto and Sasuke. The same basic story without anymore depth given to it. Also, seeing Naruto continue to act like a moron is just tired, when he was a kid it made sense now he just seems like a grown up brat. I liked Hagoromo's bizarre speech because it made sense that he would be almost inhuman in the way he communicates but Naruto's behavior just seems stupid.

    I really like the look of the Sage, he looks wise and powerful but also unique and almost inhuman. I am curious about the mark on his forehead, I wonder if it has power, like a third eye or if it is just a decoration. Its interesting to see that he does indeed have horns and his mother had even bigger horns.

    This chapter answered some very big questions, which is good but it raised just as many knew ones. In the past I had considered that maybe Kaguya had other children but I thought it was a long shot. Funny how that turned out to be true. Although that just makes things that much more complicated. What happened to the other brother, why was he forgotten, what were his powers, what happened to his descendants, what happened to the part of the Juubi that he had? Hogoromo said that Kaguya was more powerful than anyone but she didn't seem to have the Rinnegan. It's very weird that even Madara didn't seem to know anything at all about the Sage having a brother. I wonder if it was even written on the stone tablet. So far, we have never been shown any person with the Rinnegan look at the tablet, the only people who have seen it with the Eternal Mangekyou are Madara and Sasuke. Perhaps there is more information on the tablet that no one has ever seen.

    Hogoromo seemed to make it sound like Indra got all of his gifts not just his eyes and spiritual powers as Madara and Obito both claimed. Yet clearly, Indra had the Sharingan at a young age not the Rinnegan and not the spiral eyes that he was shown with as an adult. So that makes me think that he must not have had the full power of his father. Obviouslyly Indra lacked something but I am curious as to how he developed his eyes and what they eventually became. After all, his spiral eyes are different from any sharingan we have seen and clearly they couldn't have developed the way the Uchiha develop their eternal Mangekyou. Yet, they have to be at least similar to the Eternal Mangekyou since Indra was shown to be using the complete Susanoo.

    Ashura must have had something in him genetically or there would be no reason to combine the bloodlines like Madara and Obito did. Yet, Hogoromo made it sound like Ashura didn't have any genetic gifts at all. I guess they might have just been latent abilities that took time and effort to develop. Its strange that Ashura appears to be using a modified version of the fox cloak. His has two mask like heads and six hands. I wonder if he became the Kyuubi's jinnchuuriki or if that is something else. It's kind of weird that his fox cloak would have two mask like faces though and it doesn't really resemble any form of the Kyuubi that we have seen, it just seems vaguely fox like and appears to have tails. It is also interesting that he doesn't seem to use the Mokuton which I always assume to be his power since it has always been attributed to the Senju. It makes me even more curious about where the Mokuton actually came from. So far the thing closest to the Mokuton seems to be the Juubi/God Tree itself. We have seen a ton of history about the Sharingan but the Mokuton seems to start and end with Hashirama. Even Yamato's Mokuton is a result of Hashirama's cells.

    I am also wondering if all the other clans are all connected to the other brother. Maybe Hagoromo's children gave birth to the two strongest clans because he only had two children, perhaps the other brother had many children and so his power was divided into more parts and thus less potent. Perhaps the Uzumaki come from a clan that was descended from both Hogoromo's descendants and one of his brother's descendants. It seems odd to me that the Uzumaki are able to use the Rinnegan even though we have no evidence that they are descended from the Sage. Madara himself obviously knew that the Uzumaki would make good hosts for the Rinnegan otherwise he wouldn't have left his eyes with Nagato. Yet, he has shown no particular interest in the Uzumaki bloodline besides that, he has been entirely fixated on the Senju.

    I am really hoping we get some major information about how the bloodlines developed in the next couple chapters. Finally we are getting to see the one person who should know everything.

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    I'm sucker for flashbacks that give us greater detail and insight to the Naruto world.

    - haha DAT OLD MAN

    - So he created a remnant of his consciousness that would exist inside the Bijuu and others chakra. This is similar to what the 4th did.

    - So what happened to the sages brother and did he have the Rinnegan too????

    - Indra was the elder & Ashura was the younger son...

    - Also the Elder brother was represented by the crescent moon and the younger one by the sun.

    - Interesting so the younger son life actually inspired the sage to create the 9 bijuu

    okay so we get more flash bak next chapter cool!

    I get the feeling these stories will end in the Sage giving Naruto a Gift in the form of his spiritual energy or something.

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    As long as So6p doesn't give him something that awakens the rinnegan. Im ok with Naruto being given a rinnegan but not awakening it. Awakening doujutsu is the bread and butter of the Uchiha

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    Did anyone notice the tailed beast mode of the younger brother by the way? That was Kurama's chakra, no doubt. But not only that, it was DOUBLE, like Madara's double Susanoo, which HAS to be a foreshadowing of what Naruto might get.

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    So the sage has three eyes, cool. Unless that is just a symbol, but based on his horns I don't think its that much of a stretch. And geez, his mother looks horrifying. Wonder why Madara isn't trying to turn into her, she's much more powerful.
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    1) The third eye is a rinnegan
    2) The SO6P is a true prophet.....he was able to read premonitions, precognitions
    3) He journeyed accross time to meet naruto
    4) Hagoromo's hair definitely like Minato and Naruto's
    5) So6p exists as pure chakra, and he travels across time.

    6) Ashura: Through harsh training the chakra inside him bloomed, and he found power on the same level as his brother. Ashura inspired the SO6p to divide up the juubi's chakra. This was after he'd trained his chakra to match up with his brother's. I don't think that Ashura was using the Foxes Power., although I can't rule that out.

    7) True Power (The Bonds of cooperation....The Beasts will learn true power from Naruto..The SO6P's prophesy).

    8) When the son's bodies were destroyed, the chakra they had built up did not disappear but was reborn through out the ages. Naruto now possesses The Chakra from Ashura, he is not a literal reincarnation.
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    I think it's similar to how people in Buddhism can be found to be the reincarnation of bodhisattvas like the Dalai Lama who is supposed to be the next incarnation of Avalokiteshvara. And the way I understood that kinda thing to be is that they mean that somebody in the world has the same kind of personality qualities as various bodhisattvas and continue their quest in the next life. When you think about it, it isn't just Naruto who has inherited Ashura's feelings. Hashirama and the hokage did, Itachi, Shisui and Kagami did basically everyone who carries the will of fire does to some extent but Naruto has it in such abundance that he's virtually a reskin of Ashura's character model. It will be interesting to see what sort of upgrade Hagoromo can inspire in Naruto.

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    First off, Naruto can be mindf*cked by hard words only .

    So Naruto wasn't the first one to communicate with the time-slipped chakra of So6p.

    The old man's is riding on his balls :O . Also, Love & Peace... & Order. Later on he was also waving his staff before a kid :p. Is the reason why he only has one bang, because he now recognizes only one of his sons ?

    Interesting, Obito got the Sun-part of So6p's Staff, while Madara only the Moon-part...

    So, So6p had used his precognition and omen-sign reading, to pinpoint the reincarnation of his Son's and then used time-space ninjutsu to teleport his chakra to the very depths of their souls... well isn't that inception with time travel ? Wait, so does that mean that while Minato was spying on Naruto from the inside, So6p was spying on Minato from an even deeper level ?

    Kaguya confirmed to be the strongest character in the series (by the one who was believed to be the strongest upon this point).

    So, if So6p needed help from his brother to seal the Jyuubi, does this mean that Madara that had done it easily by himself, is stronger than him ?

    So, the reason why the Bijuu were small within the So6p, was because he had only half of Jyuubi's chakra. This means that at some point, the other half had merged together with the one sealed in Bro6p (Bro of 6 Paths ), or there is another reason.

    So the peace loving one was called Ashura and inherited nothing, heck he was below average.

    Oh damn, did the community get trolled by someone that was scanning the pages and redid the Elder one's Sharingan into a Spiral, or is that his MS, or perhaps it's Kishi changing the story again ? So, Indra had inherited lots of it, indifference to his brother... well, no wonder is the Ashura's cloak only at the size of the Indra's Susanoo's head .

    So, did Ashura managed to win over Bro6p's cooperation, thus obtaining the other half of Jyuubi from him ? At least it would explain why Ashura's Bijuu Cloak has a different form than any of the Bijuu. In that case, could it be that what Hashirama inherited was not Ashura's Chakra, but the Half-Jyuubi Chakra that was in Ashura ?

    Next time we will probably learn that only those with a portion of Indra's Soul and Chakra can use Susanoo, as well as only those with portion of Ashura's Soul and Chakra can use the Cloak...

    Damn, Madara's Susanoo looks really similar to Ashura's Cloak (the initial state). You know, two heads, each having different number of horns, many arms... could it be the reason why he can use it without his eyes, because it's not an actual Susanoo (this would mean that Madara is Ashura and Hashirama was Indra :O) ?

    So the Chakra of the dead doesn't dissolve into the environment, but is inherited by their future reincarnations ? Does this mean that the total amount of chakra is always limited and it can't grow ?

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